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Welcome, Andreas Haefliger!
BIS Records is delighted to announce the start of an important new collaboration with the renowned pianist...
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BIS Records to release four SACDs with Norwegian violinist Eldbjørg Hemsing,
with support from the Göhde Foundation...
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Hugo Alfvén

Composer. Born: 1872, Stockholm. Died: 1960, Falun.

I skogen - Nordic Songs
Resonanser (Swedish Choral Music - New Perspectives)
BIS-1714 CD
Kroumata Encores
for percussion ensemble
Candlelight Carols - Jul med Allmänna Sången
BIS-5028 CD
Christian Lindberg conducts the Swedish Wind Ensemble
BIS-1268 CD
Alfvén - The Symphonies & Rhapsodies
BIS-1478 CD
5 CDs for the price of 3
Nordic Light - Music for strings
BIS-1181 CD
Small is beautiful - Short Pieces for Solo Flute
BIS-869 CD
The Scandinavian Horn
BIS-171 CD
Alfvén - Three Swedish Rhapsodies
BIS-725 CD
OD Sings Alfvén
BIS-633 CD
Penguin Guide 3 stars
Alfvén - Symphony No.5
BIS-585 CD
Det kom ett brev - A Swedish Bouquet
BIS-591 CD
Malmö Symphony Orchestra - Portrait
BIS-570 CD
Alfvén - Symphony No.4
BIS-505 CD
Lunds Studentsångare sjunger in Våren
BIS-162 CD
Alfvén - Symphony No.3
BIS-455 CD
Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra 75 years 1914-1989
BIS-421 CD
8 CDs for the price of 4
Alfvén - Symphony No.1 in F minor
BIS-395 CD
Alfvén - Symphony No.2
BIS-385 CD
A Swedish Pastorale
BIS-165 CD
OD Highlights for male-voice choir
BIS-383 CD
The Romantic Trombone
BIS-298 CD
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