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Gade - Korsfarerne (The Crusaders)

Composer Niels W. Gade
Performer Ulrik Cold
Marianne Rørholm
Kurt Westi
Aarhus Symphony Orchestra
Frans Rasmussen, conductor
Period Romantic
Catalogue Number BIS-465 CD
EAN 7318590004654
Format CD
Release date Apr 1990
Total time 59'00

Classics Today 10/10.
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  Niels W. Gade
  Korsfarerne (The Crusaders), Op.50 (Dramatic Poem by Carl
Andersen) I. In the Desert
01 Chorus of pilgrims and women: Hedt bølger sandet 5'27
02 Scene (Peter, then Rinaldo): Snart vort øje skuer målet 2'12
03 Crusaders' song (Rinaldo, Peter & Chorus): Strål høje sol 5'42
04 Prayer (Peter&Chorus): Herre, fra det fjerne 3'27
  Korsfarerne (The Crusaders), Op.50 (Dramatic Poem by Carl Andersen) II. Armida 22'54
05 Chorus of the spirits of darkness: Nu snor natten sig mørk 3'35
06 Recitative and aria (Armida): De slumre trygt i nattens svale fred 4'21
07 Sirens' chorus (chorus, Rinaldo): Jeg dukker mit bryst 5'58
08 Scene (Armida, Rinaldo, Sirens, Pilgrims & Crusade): Vågn op, Rinaldo 9'00
  Korsfarerne (The Crusaders), Op.50 (Dramatic Poem by Carl
Andersen) III. Towards Jerusalem
09 Crusaders' chorus. Morning song: Alt breder sig den lyse sky 3'32
10 Aria (Rinaldo): 'Med hellig hu, til målet nu!' 3'34
11 Pilgrims' march (Chorus, Rinaldo): Fremad, fremad, frem nu min mødige fod 3'35
12 Final scene (Peter, Chorus, Rinaldo): Løft højt dit hoved 7'52
  Album total 59'00
ComposerGade, Niels W.
OrchestraAarhus Symphony Orchestra
ConductorRasmussen, Frans
Tenor (rinaldo)Westi, Kurt
Bass (peter)Cold, Ulrik
Mezzo-soprano (armida)Rørholm, Marianne

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