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What´s a Nice Chord Like You Doing in a Piece Like This? - chamber music by Nuorvala

Composer Juhani Nuorvala
Performer Petri Alanko
Mikko Luoma
Aino Meisalmi-Minkkinen
Heikki Nikula
Pasi Pirinen
Risto Poutanen
Jari Valo
Avanti Quartet
Kerava Quartet
Period Contemporary
Catalogue Number BIS-1107 CD
EAN 7318590011072
Format CD
Release date Jun 2000
Total time 67'00

Klassik Heute: outstanding.
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  Juhani Nuorvala
  Three Impromptus for clarinet and kantele (1995) 15'14
01 I. Quite slowly and freely 7'54
02 II. Rock tempo 3'34
03 III. Slowly; gently 3'46
  String Quartet No.2 (1997) 15'14
04 I. Andante 7'54
05 II. Tranquillo 3'34
06 III. Allegro 3'46
07 ‘What´s a Nice Chord Like You Doing in a Piece Like This?’ for three accordions (1996) 7'50
  String Quartet No.1, ‘Dancescapes’ (1992) 18'29
08 I. Introduction 3'42
09 II. Main Movement 10'55
10 III. Epilogue 3'52
11 Twitching Gait for chamber ensemble (1993) 6'38
  Album total 67'00
ClarinetNikula, Heikki
KanteleMeisalmi-Minkkinen, Aino
ComposerNuorvala, Juhani
String quartetAvanti Quartet
Kerava Quartet
AccordionLuoma, Mikko
ViolinValo, Jari
CelloPoutanen, Risto
TrumpetPirinen, Pasi
FluteAlanko, Petri

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