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Schnittke - Violin Concertos No.1 & 2

Composer Alfred Schnittke
Performer Mark Lubotsky
Malmö Symphony Orchestra
Eri Klas, conductor
Period Modern
Catalogue Number BIS-487 CD
EAN 7318590004876
Format CD
Release date Nov 1990
Total time 60'57

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  Alfred Schnittke
  Concerto No.1 for Violin and Orchestra (1957/63) 37'00
01 Allegro non tanto 13'06
02 Presto 4'48
03 Andante 10'21
04 Allegro scherzando 8'45
05 Concerto No.2 for Violin and Chamber Orchestra (1966) 22'47
  Album total 60'57
ComposerSchnittke, Alfred
ConductorKlas, Eri
OrchestraMalmo Symphony Orchestra (Malmö SymfoniOrkester)
ViolinLubotsky, Mark

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