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Sibelius - Masonic Ritual Music

Composer Jean Sibelius
Performer Hannu Jurmu
Pauli Pietiläinen
Mika Pohjonen
Harri Viitanen
YL Male Voice Choir
Lahti Symphony Orchestra
Matti Hyökki, conductor
Jaakko Kuusisto, conductor
Period Romantic
Catalogue Number BIS-1977 CD
EAN 7318590019771
Format CD
Release date Sep 2013
Total time 72'05

Freemasonry had reached Finland via Sweden in the mid-eighteenth century, but was banned after the country became part of Russia in 1809. In early 1922, after Finland had established its independence, a new Masonic lodge was formed – Suomi Lodge No.1. Among its first members was Jean Sibelius, who initially served as the lodge’s organist. At lodge meetings, Sibelius would played the harmonium, performing music by Mozart, Beethoven and Handel as well as improvising – at times so enthusiastically that he would have to be called to order by the Grand Master. It was also suggested that Sibelius should compose ‘special, genuinely Finnish music for the lodge’, but this did not happen until some years later, when he received a proper commission – and a fee – for the task. His Masonic Ritual Music, or Musique religieuse, received its first complete performance on 12th January 1927, but Sibelius returned to the work some twenty years later, adding two movements – Ode to Fraternity and Hymn – which are believed to be his last original compositions. The Masonic Ritual Music centres around a series of songs for tenor and organ, the number, order and texts of which vary between the original manuscripts and the various editions. The organ version on the present disc is the first recording to follow the original song text, according to Sibelius’s manuscripts. This CD also includes an arrangement of the score, made by Jaakko Kuusisto at the request of the Finnish Freemasons for a special celebration concert held at the Sibelius Hall in Lahti.
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01 Avaushymni (Opening Hymn) 1927/E flat major 2'26
02 Avaushymni (Opening Hymn) 1948/G major 2'09
03 Alttarin valmistus: Suloinen aate (Adjusting the Altar: Thoughts Be Our Comfort) 1'47
04 Alttarin valmistus: Suloinen aate (Adjusting the Altar: Thoughts Be Our Comfort) 2'05
  Jean Sibelius
  I°. Kulkue ja hymni (First Degree. Procession and Hymn) 2'49
05 Kulkue (Procession) 1'16
06 Hymni: Näätkö, kuinka hennon yrtin (Hymn: Though Young Leaves Be Green) 1'33
07 Ylistyshymni (Hymn) 2'17
  Jean Sibelius
  II°. Kulkue ja hymni (Second Degree. Procession and Hymn) 4'29
08 Kulkue (Procession) 2'23
09 Hymni: Kellä kaipuu rinnassansa (Hymn: Whosoever Hath a Love) 2'06
10 Veljesvirsi (Ode to Fraternity) 2'28
  Jean Sibelius
  III°. Kulkue ja hymni (Third Degree. Procession and Hymn) 4'45
11 Kulkue (Procession) 3'19
12 Hymni: Ken kyynelin (Hymn: Who Ne’er Hath Blent His Bread with Tears) 1'26
13 Surumarssi (Marche funèbre) 5'56
14 Salem (Onward, Ye Brethren) 2'46
15 Suur’ olet, Herra (Ode) 1'51
16 On kaunis maa (How Fair Are Earth and Living!) 1'56
17 Finlandia-hymni (Finlandia Hymn) 2'06
18 Avaushymni (Opening Hymn) 2'08
19 Alttarin valmistus: Suloinen aate (Adjusting the Altar: Thoughts Be Our Comfort) 1'58
20 I°. Kulkue ja hymni: Näätkö, kuinka hennon yrtin (First Degree. Procession and Hymn: Though Young Leaves Be Green) 2'38
21 Ylistyshymni (Hymn) 2'44
22 II°. Kellä kaipuu rinnassansa (Second Degree: Whosoever Hath a Love) 1'48
23 Veljesvirsi (Ode to Fraternity) 2'55
24 III°. Kulkue ja hymni: Ken kyynelin (Third Degree. Procession and Hymn: Who Ne’er Hath Blent His Bread with Tears) 3'26
25 Surumarssi (Marche funèbre) 4'50
26 Salem (Onward, Ye Brethren) 2'57
27 Suur’ olet, Herra (Ode) 2'22
28 On kaunis maa (How Fair Are Earth and Living!) 1'48
  Album total 72'05
ComposerSibelius, Jean
OrganPietilainen (Pietiläinen), Pauli
Viitanen, Harri
ConductorHyökki, Matti
Kuusisto, Jaakko
ChoirYL Male Voice Choir
TenorJurmu, Hannu
Pohjonen, Mika
OrchestraLahti Symphony Orchestra

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