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Skalkottas - Chamber Concertos

Composer Nikos Skalkottas
Performer Eric Aubier
Eiichi Chijiiwa
Alexei Ogrintchouk
Nikolaos Samaltanos
Christophe Sirodeau
Marc Trenel
Nina Zymbalist
Period Contemporary
Catalogue Number BIS-1244 CD
EAN 7318590012444
Format CD
Release date May 2003
Total time 79'26

International Record Review: outstanding; Gramophone Award.
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  Nikos Skalkottas
  Concerto for Two Violins (with Rembetiko theme) (1944-45) 34'23
01 I. Allegro giocoso 12'29
02 II. Variations sur un thème grec Rembetiko 11'54
03 III. Finale and Rondo 10'00
  Quartet for Oboe, Trumpet, Bassoon and Piano 3'18
04 I. Moderato assai 2'05
05 II. Rondo 1'13
  Concertino for Oboe and Piano 10'31
06 I. Allegro giocoso 4'25
07 II. Pastorale 4'23
08 III. Rondo 1'43
  Concertino for Trumpet and Piano
09 Allegro giusto (alla breve) 4'41
  Tango and Fox-trot for Oboe, Trumpet, Bassoon and Piano 2'59
10 Tango 1'22
11 Fox-trot 1'37
  Sonata Concertante for Bassoon and Piano 21'34
12 I. Allegro molto vivace 8'10
13 II. Andantino 8'17
14 III. Presto 5'07
  Album total 79'26
PianoSamaltanos, Nikolaos
Sirodeau, Christophe
ViolinChijiiwa, Eiichi
Zymbalist, Nina
ComposerSkalkottas, Nikos
TrumpetAubier, Eric
OboeOgrintchouk, Alexeï
BassoonTrenel, Marc

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