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Wilhelm Stenhammar

Wilhelm Stenhammar (1871–1927) was one of the most important composers and personalities in Swedish music around 1900. After making a spectacular  breakthrough in Stockholm in 1894 with his Piano Concerto No. 1 in B flat minor, Op. 1, he gained a reputation in particular as a chamber music pianist and song accompanist. Among his most significant works are six string quartets, two symphonies, songs with piano and orchestra, and large-scale choral works. After he was appointed principal conductor of the newly formed Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra in 1907, he became a force to be reckoned with in this capacity as well. Between 1907 and 1922, by means of his intensive rehearsal work and innovative repertoire, he turned the orchestra into one of the finest in Scandinavia. Stenhammar’s musical thinking was characterized by a broad range of interests and his compositions exhibited great seriousness of purpose, which often went hand-in-hand with rigorous self-criticism. He maintained regular contacts with composers such as Carl Nielsen and Jean Sibelius, and gave the Scandinavian premières of many contemporary works. Moreover, concert tours as a soloist and chamber pianist introduced him to a wider international public.


Stenhammar - Sången, symphonic cantata
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Stenhammar - Symphony No.2
I skogen - Nordic Songs
Stenhammar - String Quartets Nos 1 & 2
Stenhammar - Serenade
Stenhammar - String Quartets vol.2
Piano Rhapsody
BIS-9044 CD
4 CDs for the price of 2
Stenhammar - String Quartets
Peter Mattei - A Kaleidoscope
BIS-1954 CD
Resonanser (Swedish Choral Music - New Perspectives)
BIS-1714 CD
Five Nordic Masters
BIS-1496 CD
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Stenhammar - Chamber Music with Piano
BIS-764 CD
Stenhammar - The Complete Solo Piano Music, Vol.2
BIS-634 CD
Stenhammar - Songs
BIS-654 CD
Stenhammar - Symphonies and Piano Concertos
BIS-714 CD
4 CDs for the price of 3
Det kom ett brev - A Swedish Bouquet
BIS-591 CD
Stenhammar - The Complete Solo Piano Music, Vol.1
BIS-554 CD
Stenhammar - Piano Concerto No.1
BIS-550 CD
Stenhammar - Piano Concerto No.2
BIS-476 CD
Stenhammar - Snöfrid
BIS-438 CD
Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra 75 years 1914-1989
BIS-421 CD
8 CDs for the price of 4
Stenhammar - Serenade, Op.31
BIS-310 CD
Stenhammar - Symphony No.1
BIS-219 CD
Roland Pöntinen plays Music for a Rainy Day, Vol.1
BIS-300 CD
Stenhammar - Symphony No.2
BIS-251 CD
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