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Nordic Light - Music for strings

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  Edvard Grieg
01 Preludium, from Holberg Suite, op.40 2'38
  Carl Nielsen
02 Underlige aftenlufte (Wondrous Evening Air) 3'00
  Fini Henriques
03 Myggedans (Dance of the Mosquitoes) 1'15
  Edvard Grieg
04 Det förste möde, op.53:2, ur Två melodier (The First Meeting) 3'54
  Edvard Grieg
05 Anitras dans, ur Peer Gynt-svit nr.1, op.46:3 (Anitra´s Dance) 3'14
  Lars-Erik Larsson
06 Romans, ur Pastoralsvit, op.19 (Romance, No.2 from Pastoral Suite) 4'10
  Ture Rangstrom (Rangström)
07 Scherzo leggiero, from "Divertimento elegiaco" 2'40
  Dag Wirén
08 Alla marcia from Serenade for Strings, Op.11 4'40
  Olle Jansson
09 Kyrkmarsch (Church March) 2'12
10 Ack Värmeland du sköna (Folksong from Värmland) 2'16
  Lille Bror Söderlundh
11 Folklig vals nr.2, ur Tre folkliga valser (Folk Waltz) 2'12
  Erna Tauro
12 Höstvisa (Autumn Song) 3'24
  Jean Sibelius
13 Giv mig ej glans, ej guld, ej prakt, Op 1:4 (Give me no Splendor, Gold or Pomp) 3'03
  Edvard Grieg
14 Våren, op.34:2 (Spring) 5'20
  Carl Nielsen
15 Intermezzo, from Little Suite for Strings in A minor, Op.1 5'25
  Edvard Grieg
16 Åses död, ur Peer Gynt-svit nr.1, Op. 46:2 (The Death of Åse) 3'55
  Ole Bull
17 Saeterjentens söndag (The Herdmaiden´s Sunday) 2'23
  Hugo Alfvén
18 Vallflickans dans, ur Bergakungen (Dance of Herdmaiden) 4'00
  Armas Järnefelt
19 Berceuse 2'14
  Edvard Grieg
20 Air, from Holberg Suite, Op.40 5'37
  Album total 70'28
OrchestraRoyal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra Strings
ConductorEricsson, Magnus
ComposerAlfvén, Hugo
Bull, Ole
Grieg, Edvard
Henriques, Fini
Jansson, Olle
Järnefelt, Armas
Larsson, Lars-Erik
Nielsen, Carl
Rangstrom (Rangström), Ture
Sibelius, Jean
Söderlundh, Lille Bror
Tauro, Erna
Wirén, Dag

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