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Alfvén - Three Swedish Rhapsodies

Composer Hugo Alfvén
Performer Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
Neeme Järvi, conductor
Catalogue Number BIS-725 CD
EAN 7318590007259
Format CD
Release date Apr 1995
Total time 77'00

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  Hugo Alfvén
01 Midsommarvaka (Midsummer Vigil), Op.19 Swedish Rhapsody No.1 13'30
02 Upsala-rapsodi (Upsala Rhapsody), Op.24 Swedish Rhapsody No.2 9'54
  Dalarapsodi (Dalecarlian Rhapsody), Op.47 Swedish Rhapsody No.3
03 Andante - Allegretto - Allegretto - Andante - Allegro violento 21'26
04 En skärgårdssägen, Op.20 (A Legend of the Skeeries) 16'11
  Suite from Bergakungen (The Mountain King) 14'49
05 Besvärjelse (Invocation) 4'04
06 Trollflickans dans (Sorceress´s Dance) 4'30
07 Sommarregn (Summer Rain) 2'16
08 Vallflickans dans (Herdmaiden´s Dance) 3'59
  Album total 77'00
ConductorJärvi, Neeme
ComposerAlfvén, Hugo
OrchestraRoyal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

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