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Dances with the Winds

Composer Leonid Bashmakov
Tauno Marttinen
Einojuhani Rautavaara
Aulis Sallinen
Performer Petri Alanko
Lahti Symphony Orchestra
Osmo Vänskä, conductor
Period Contemporary
Catalogue Number BIS-687 CD
EAN 7318590006870
Format CD
Release date Jan 1996
Total time 72'12

Gramophone: "Recommended with much enthusiasm"; Fono Forum: outstanding.
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  Einojuhani Rautavaara
  Dances with the Winds (Concerto for Flutes and Orchestra), Op.69 (1974) 21'33
01 I. Andantino 9'04
02 II. Vivace 1'37
03 III. Andante moderato 5'47
04 IV. Allegro 5'05
  Leonid Bashmakov
  Impressioni marine. Concerto per flauti ed orchestra (1974) 20'21
05 I. Calmo 5'55
06 II. Allegro 3'39
07 III. Lentamente 7'10
08 IV. Agitato 3'37
  Aulis Sallinen
09 Chamber Music II, Op.41 (1975-76) for Alto Flute and String Orchestra 13'40
  Tauno Marttinen
  Concerto espagnole for Flutes and Orchestra, Op.144 (1978) 14'41
10 I. Bolero. Allegretto 6'11
11 II. Adagio 3'48
12 III. Jota. Presto 4'42
  Album total 72'12
FlutesAlanko, Petri
ConductorVänskä, Osmo
ComposerBashmakov, Leonid
Marttinen, Tauno
Rautavaara, Einojuhani
Sallinen, Aulis
OrchestraLahti Symphony Orchestra

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