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Finlandia - A Festival of Finnish Music

Composer Einar Englund
Uuno Klami
Felix Krohn
Fredrik Pacius
Väinö Raitio
Einojuhani Rautavaara
Jean Sibelius
Performer Dong-Suk Kang
Lahti Symphony Orchestra
Osmo Vänskä, conductor
Catalogue Number BIS-575 CD
EAN 7318590005750
Format CD
Release date Jul 1992
Total time 73'47

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  Jean Sibelius
  Finlandia, Op.26
01 Andante sostenuto - Allegro moderato - Allegro 8'26
  Einojuhani Rautavaara
  Cantus arcticus, Op.61 (Concerto for Birds and Orchestra) 16'55
02 The Bog 6'34
03 Melancholy 3'59
04 Swans migrating 6'22
  Väinö Raitio
05 Joutsenet (The Swans) 7'43
  Einar Englund
  Valkoinen (The White Reindeer), Suite 13'11
06 Alkusoitto (Prelude) 1'36
07 Tunturi (The Fell) 4'13
08 Poroajot (The Reindeer Race) 1'24
09 Surumarssi (Funeral March) 3'13
10 Finaali (Finale) 2'45
  Jean Sibelius
  Suite for Violin and String Orchestra 6'40
11 I. Country-Scenery, Op.117 No.1 1'59
12 II. Evening in spring, Op.117 No.2 2'51
13 III. In the summer, Op.117 No.3 1'50
  Felix Krohn
14 Odalisque, Arr. Leo Funtek 6'01
  Uuno Klami
15 Pyöräilijä (The Cyclist), Rondo for Orchestra 6'43
  Porilaisten marssi (March of the People of Pori), arr. Robert Kajanus
16 Presidential March 2'42
  Fredrik Pacius
17 Maamme (Our Country) Finnish National Anthem, arr. Robert Kajanus 2'14
  Album total 73'47
ComposerEnglund, Einar
Klami, Uuno
Krohn, Felix
Pacius, Fredrik
Raitio, Väinö
Rautavaara, Einojuhani
Sibelius, Jean
OrchestraLahti Symphony Orchestra
ConductorVänskä, Osmo
ViolinKang, Dong-Suk

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