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BIS is Label of the Year!
The Jury of the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) has announced the winners for 2017...
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BBC Music Magazine Announces Nominees
Two BIS releases are among the 21 discs shortlisted for the 2017 edition of the BBC Music Magazine Awards.
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BIT20 Ensemble

The BIT20 Ensemble performs a wide range of contemporary music, initiating new works and pioneering projects but also upholding the musical traditions that have developed within the field. Questioning and rethinking the accustomed concert format, the ensemble has as its goal to make contemporary music accessible to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
BIT20 embraces a diversity of artistic ten den cies and creative impulses, and collaborates with institutions and festivals as well as with individual performers, on the local, national and international level. Based in Bergen in Norway, the ensemble assumes a particular responsibility for the development of Norwegian music, and has commissioned and premièred more than 100 works, besides appearing on numerous recordings. In addition it maintains extensive activities aimed at children and young people.

Ligeti - Concertos
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