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Bach - Secular Cantatas, Vol. 7 (BWV 212, 209, 203)

Composer Johann Sebastian Bach
Performer Mojca Erdmann
Dominik Wörner
Bach Collegium Japan
Masaaki Suzuki, conductor
Catalogue Number BIS-2191 SACD
EAN 7318599921914
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Aug 2016
Total time 63'25

The works on the seventh disc in Masaaki Suzuki's and Bach Collegium Japan's series of J.S. Bach's secular cantatas are quite special in the composer's production. By far the best-known of them, the so-called 'Peasant Cantata' signals this both through its title (in Upper Saxon dialect) and subtitle ('Cantate burlesque') – composed for a celebration at a country estate &&&outside Leipzig, the soloists in this duo cantata portray neither Roman gods nor allegorical figures but a peasant girl and a farm-hand. In broad dialect, and to music that makes reference to folk songs and village music, the two praise the new owner of the estate and his family, but also work in sly digs at the village parson and the local tax collector. The Peasant Cantata is followed by the only two extant Bach cantatas that set Italian texts. As such, they have been regarded with a certain suspicion by Bach scholars – all the more so as no autograph manuscript has survived of either work. Both works are solo cantatas and both contain a number of surprises for the listener. The longer soprano cantata, BWV 209, is possibly a musical farewell to a young scholar and pupil of Bach’s on his departure from Leipzig after completing his degree. While the opening sinfonia, with concertante flute, sounds like pure Bach the two arias are composed in a style that is strongly influenced by Italian opera. In Amore traditore for bass solo, a disappointed lover takes Amor to task, accusing him of betrayal and deception. It closes with an aria of a quite distinct character, with the harpsichord not appearing as a continuo instrument, but instead taking on a virtuoso, concertante role with toccata-like figurations.
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  Johann Sebastian Bach
  Cantata: Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet, BWV 212 29'12
01 1. Ouverture 2'05
02 2. Aria. Duetto (Soprano, Basso). Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet... 0'35
03 3. Recitativo (Basso, Soprano). Nu, Mieke, gib dein Guschel immer her... 0'56
04 4. Aria (Soprano). Ach, es schmeckt doch gar zu gut … 0'54
05 5. Recitativo (Basso). Der Herr ist gut: Allein der Schösser … 0'24
06 6. Aria (Basso). Ach, Herr Schösser, geht nicht gar zu schlimm … 1'12
07 7. Recitativo (Soprano). Es bleibt dabei … 0'18
08 8. Aria (Soprano). Unser trefflicher … 1'57
09 9. Recitativo (Basso, Soprano). Er hilft uns allen, alt und jung … 0'27
10 10. Aria (Soprano). Das ist galant … 1'08
11 11. Recitativo (Basso). Und unsre gnädge Frau … 0'42
12 12. Aria (Basso). Fünfzig Taler bares Geld … 0'58
13 13. Recitativo (Soprano). Im Ernst ein Wort! … 0'23
14 14. Aria (Soprano). Klein-Zschocher müsse … 7'19
15 15. Recitativo (Basso). Das ist zu klug vor dich … 0'24
16 16. Aria (Basso). Es nehme zehntausend Dukaten … 0'45
17 17. Recitativo (Soprano). Das klingt zu liederlich … 0'19
18 18. Aria (Soprano). Gib, Schöne … 0'30
19 19. Recitativo (Basso). Du hast wohl recht … 0'16
20 20. Aria (Basso). Dein Wachstum sei feste und lache vor Lust! … 5'09
21 21. Recitativo (Soprano, Basso). Und damit sei es auch genung … 0'16
22 22. Aria (Soprano). Und dass ihr’s alle wisst … 0'36
23 23. Recitativo (Basso, Soprano). Mein Schatz, erraten! … 0'29
24 24. Chor (Soprano, Basso). Wir gehn nun, wo der Dudelsack … 1'10
  Non sa che sia dolore, BWV 209 21'31
25 1. Sinfonia 5'49
26 2. Recitativo (Soprano). Non sa che sia dolore … 0'53
27 3. Aria (Soprano). Parti pur e con dolore … 9'20
28 4. Recitativo (Soprano). Tuo saver al tempo e l’età constrasta … 0'26
29 5. Aria (Soprano). Ricetti gramezza e pavento … 5'03
  Amore traditore, BWV 203 11'54
30 1. [Aria] (Basso). Amore traditore … 5'29
31 2. Recitativo (Basso). Voglio provar … 0'42
32 3. Aria (Basso). Chi in amore ha nemica la sorte … 5'43
  Album total 63'25
ComposerBach, Johann Sebastian
ConductorSuzuki, Masaaki
OrchestraBach Collegium Japan
BassDominik Wörner
Wörner, Dominik
SopranoErdmann, Mojca

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