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Märta Schéle Sings

Composer Benjamin Britten
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Claude Debussy
Darius Milhaud
Maurice Ravel
Franz Schubert
Performer Ingemar Bergfelt
Josef Holecek
Albert Linder
Elisif Lundén
Märta Schéle
Catalogue Number BIS-34 CD
EAN 7318590000342
Format CD
Release date Nov 1995
Total time 55'02

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  Claude Debussy
  Trois Chansons de Bilitis (Texts: Pierre Louys) 9'17
01 I. La flûte de Pan 2'40
02 II. La chevelure 3'23
03 III. Le tombeau des naïades 3'14
  Darius Milhaud
  Catalogue des fleurs (1919) (Texts: Lucien Daudet)
04 I. La violette - II. Le bégonia - III. Les fritillaires - IV. Les jacinthes - V. Les crocus - VI. Le brachycombe - VII. L'eremurus 5'23
  Maurice Ravel
  Cinq Mélodies populaires grecques (Texts: Trad. Franc. M.D. Calvocoressi) 7'16
05 I. Chanson de la mariée 1'33
06 II. Là-bas, vers l'église 1'25
07 III. Quel galant m'est comparable 0'47
08 IV. Chanson des cueilleuses 2'43
09 V. Tout gai! 0'48
  Franz Schubert
10 Auf dem Strome, Op.119 (Text: Ludwig Rellstab) 9'38
  Benjamin Britten
  Songs from the Chinese, Op.58 10'48
11 I. The Big Chariot (The Book of Songs) 2'12
12 II. The Old Lute (Po Chü-i) 2'54
13 III. The Autumn Wind (Wu-ti) 1'23
14 IV. The Herd-Boy (Lu Yu) 1'24
15 V. Depression (Po Chü-i) 1'51
16 VI. Dance Song (The Book of Songs) 1'04
  Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
  Six Songs from The Divan of Moses-Ibn-Ezra, Op.207 10'22
17 I. When the Morning of Life Had Passed 2'59
18 II. Wrung with Anguish 1'32
19 III. Only in God I Trust 2'20
20 IV. Drink Deep, My Friend 0'38
21 V. Dull and Sad Is the Sky 1'25
22 VI. The Garden Dons a Coat of Many Hues 1'28
  Album total 55'02
ComposerBritten, Benjamin
Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario
Debussy, Claude
Milhaud, Darius
Ravel, Maurice
Schubert, Franz
PianoBergfelt, Ingemar
Lundén, Elisif
SopranoSchéle, Märta
HornLinder, Albert
GuitarHolecek, Josef

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