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Pepusch - ´The lonely shepherd´, cantatas

Composer John Blow
Gottfried Finger
James Paisible
Johann Christoph Pepusch
Henry Purcell
Performer Bergen Barokk
Period Baroque
Catalogue Number BIS-965 CD
EAN 7318590009659
Format CD
Release date Nov 1998
Total time 63'15

BBC Music Magazine 5 stars.
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  Johann Christoph Pepusch
  Cantata V: Corydon (1710) 8'48
01 Recitativo. While Corydon, the lonely shepherd… 0'46
02 Aria. Gay charmer, to befriend thee… 4'01
03 Recitativo. The Shepherd rose, he gaz´d around… 0'40
04 Aria. Who, from Love his Heart securing… 3'21
  Gottfried Finger
05 A Ground by Mr. Finger (from the Division Flute, 1708) 2'56
  Johann Christoph Pepusch
  Cantata I: Love frowns in Beauteous Myra´s Eyes (1720) 10'18
06 (Aria). Love frowns in Beauteous Myra´s Eyes… 5'41
07 Recitativo. Mark how when sullen Clouds appear… 0'52
08 Aria. Love and the graces smiling… 3'45
  James Paisible
09 From Sonata in F: First Movement (Vivace) 1'39
  Johann Christoph Pepusch
  Cantata II: Cleora (1720) 8'59
10 Recitativo. Cleora sat beneath a Shade… 0'30
11 Air. Sure time and Love are both a sleep… 5'17
12 Recitativo. Dorus wing´d with Swift desire… 0'18
13 Aria. Fly Care and Anguish far away… 2'54
  James Paisible
  From Sonata in D minor 4'12
14 Grave 1'40
15 Allegro 1'04
16 Vivace 1'28
  Johann Christoph Pepusch
  Cantata III: When Loves soft passion..., (1720) 11'19
17 Recitativo. When Loves soft passion had usurp´d my 0'32
18 Aria. O Love thou know´st my anguish… 7'02
19 Recitativo. The God of Love who hear´d my pray´r… 0'23
20 Aria. Why shou´d I Love the fair that fly´s me… 3'22
  Henry Purcell
21 Air XLI: If Love´s sweet Passion (from the Begger´s Opera) 2'28
  John Blow
22 Morlake Ground (for keyboard) 3'48
  Johann Christoph Pepusch
  Cantata IV: Menaloas (1720) 7'17
23 Recitativo. Menaloas, once the gayest Swain… 0'27
24 Aria. Beware my Thyrsis how you prove… 2'51
25 Recitativo. Soon alass, the heedless youth… 0'24
26 Aria. Ah, simple Boy, your boasted sence… 3'35
  Album total 63'15
EnsembleBergen Barokk
ComposerBlow, John
Finger, Gottfried
Paisible, James
Pepusch, Johann Christoph
Purcell, Henry

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