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Coloratura - Dorothy Dorow sings soprano jewels

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  Adolphe Adam
01 Bravura Variations (on a theme attributed to N. Dezède) 6'25
  Eva dell' Acqua
02 Villanelle (Text: Frédéric van der Elst) 4'18
  Sir Julius Benedict
03 La Capinera 2'51
  Albert Roussel
  Deux Poèmes de Ronsard (Texts: Pierre de Ronsard) 8'37
04 I. Rossignol, mon mignon 4'59
05 II. Ciel, ær et vens 3'38
  Alexander Alexandrovich Alyabiev
06 The Russian Nightingale 4'04
  Dorothy Dorow
07 Pastourelles, pastoureaux 1'25
  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
08 L'amerò, sarò costante from Il re pastore (Text: Metastasio) 7'30
  Sir Henry Bishop
09 Lo! Here the Gentle Lark (Text: William Shakespeare) 4'47
  Dorothy Dorow
10 Dream (Text: Dorothy Dorow) 5'31
  Michael Head
11 A Piper (Text: Seumas O'Sullivan) 1'22
  Album total 48'40
PianoNegro, Lucia
FluteBahr, Gunilla von
Coloratura sopranoDorow, Dorothy
ComposerAcqua, Eva dell'
Adam, Adolphe
Alyabiev, Alexander Alexandrovich
Benedict, Sir Julius
Bishop, Sir Henry
Dorow, Dorothy
Head, Michael
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Roussel, Albert
SopranoDelman, Jacqueline

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