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Welcome, Andreas Haefliger!
BIS Records is delighted to announce the start of an important new collaboration with the renowned pianist...
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BIS Records to release four SACDs with Norwegian violinist Eldbjørg Hemsing,
with support from the Göhde Foundation...
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Three, Four & Twenty Lutes

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  Giovanni Antonio Terzi
01 Canzone a Otto Voci per suonar a 4 Liutti overo fa 3'10
  Giovanni Pacoloni
02 Passemezo di Zorzi 3'16
03 Temprar potess'io 4'33
  Alessandro Piccinini
04 Canzone a Tre Liuti 4'10
  Orlando di Lasso
05 Madonna mia pieta 2'02
  Giovanni Pacoloni
06 Passemezo della Battaglia 2'59
  Cipriano de Rore
07 Dialogo: Amor, se cosi dolce 5'16
  Robert Johnson
08 Three Masque Dances 5'40
  Robert Parsons
09 The Songe called Trumpets 2'10
  Nicolas Vallet
10 Ballet - Ballet - Est-ce Mars - Courante de Mars - Un jour de la semaine - Allon aux noces - Gaillarde 10'21
  Hubert Waelrant
11 Als ick u vinde 3'34
  Hubert Waelrant
12 O Villanella 1'21
  Giovanni Pacoloni
13 Passemezo Milanese 4'06
  Album total 52'36
LuteLindberg, Jakob
North, Nigel
O'Dette, Paul
Johnson, Robert
Lasso, Orlando di
Pacoloni, Giovanni
Parsons, Robert
Piccinini, Alessandro
Rore, Cipriano de
Terzi, Giovanni Antonio
Vallet, Nicolas
Waelrant, Hubert
EnsembleSingers and Lutenists

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