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Diamonds - 20th-Century Masterpieces for Male Choir

Music Web International: outstanding.
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  Francis Poulenc
  Quatre petites prières de Saint Francois d´Assise 6'26
01 I. Salut, Dame Sainte... 2'12
02 II. Tout puissant, tré saint... 1'22
03 III. Seigneur, je vous en prie... 1'11
04 IV. O mes très chers frères... 1'41
  Darius Milhaud
05 Psaume 121 (Text: Paul Claudel, after Psalm 121(122)) 3'00
  Daniel Börtz
06 Gryningsvind (Dawn Breeze) (Text: Petter Berman) 6'11
  Veljo Tormis
07 Muistse mere laulud (Songs of the Ancient Sea) (Text: Traditional) 8'51
  Toivo Kuula
08 Iltapilviä (Evening Clouds), Op.27a No.5 (Text: V.A. Koskenniemi) 2'47
  Camille Saint-Saëns
09 Saltarelle, Op.74 (Text: Émile Deschamps) 5'15
  Richard Strauss
10 Traumlicht, No.2 of Drei Männerchöre, AV 123 (Text: Friedrich Rückert) 4'29
  Randall Thompson
11 Tarantella (Text: Hilaire Belloc) 7'40
  Michio Mamiya
12 Composition for Chorus No.6:2 (Text: Traditional) 2'19
  Eugen Suchon
13 Slavenská piesen (Slovakian Song) (Text: Jan Smrek) 5'21
  Jaroslav Kricka
  from Zornicka (The Morning Star), Op.28 (Text: Traditional) 9'21
14 Vysoko zornicka 2'42
15 Presporska kasarna 2'13
16 Kdo ma pocernu galanku 4'26
  Anders Hillborg
17 Muo... 9'19
  Album total 74'06
ConductorAlin, Folke
Sund, Robert
ComposerBörtz, Daniel
Hillborg, Anders
Kricka, Jaroslav
Kuula, Toivo
Mamiya, Michio
Milhaud, Darius
Poulenc, Francis
Saint-Saëns, Camille
Strauss, Richard
Suchon, Eugen
Thompson, Randall
Tormis, Veljo
ChoirOrphei Drängar

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