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BIS Records to release four SACDs with Norwegian violinist Eldbjørg Hemsing,
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Recorder Chamber Music

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  Giovanni Battista Fontana
01 Sonata prima for descant recorder, cello and harpsichord 4'11
  Francesco Barsanti
  Sonata in C minor 7'50
02 I. Adagio 2'01
03 II. Con spirito 2'21
04 III. Siciliana (Largo) 2'07
05 IV. Gavotta (Allegro) 1'21
  Georg Philipp Telemann
  Sonata in E minor 9'51
06 I. Grave 2'40
07 II. Vivace 2'24
08 III. Cunando 1'45
09 IV. Vivace 3'02
  Jacob van Eyck
10 Comagain for descant recorder 6'41
  Jacob van Eyck
11 Fantasia en echo for descant recorder 2'39
  Dario Castello
12 Sonata prima for descant recorder and harpsichord 4'45
  Girolamo Frescobaldi
13 Toccata for descant recorder, harpsicord and organ 3'41
  Jacob van Eyck
14 O Heiligh Zaligh for treble recorder 4'41
  Georg Philipp Telemann
  Trio Sonata in B flat major for recorder, harpsichord and b.c. 7'25
15 I. Dolce 1'48
16 II. Vivace 1'51
17 III. Siciliana 1'55
18 IV. Vivace 1'51
  Girolamo Frescobaldi
19 Canzona for descant recorder and organ 3'50
  Album total 57'37
HarpsichordSchuback, Thomas
Öhrwall, Anders
RecorderPehrsson, Clas
Baroque celloEricson, Bengt
Ottesen, Kari
ComposerBarsanti, Francesco
Castello, Dario
Fontana, Giovanni Battista
Frescobaldi, Girolamo
Telemann, Georg Philipp
van Eyck, Jacob
OrganSchuback, Thomas
Wieslander, Maria
TheorboAndersson, Tommie

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