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A Verlaine Songbook

Composer Charles Bordes
Ernest Chausson
Déodat De Séverac
Claude Debussy
Gabriel Fauré
Reynaldo Hahn
Maurice Ravel
Camille Saint-Saëns
Josef Zygmunt Szulc
Performer Joseph Middleton
Carolyn Sampson
Catalogue Number BIS-2233 SACD
EAN 731859992233
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Oct 2016
Total time 80'00

In his poem Art poétique, Paul Verlaine declared that poetry should, above all, be musical: 'De la musique avant toute chose'. This quality in his work was already recognized by composers during his lifetime, and it is sometimes claimed that Verlaine has been set to music more often than any other poet after him. For their Verlaine Songbook, Carolyn Sampson and Joseph Middleton have selected songs by ten composers, including two complete cycles – Fauré's La Bonne Chanson and Debussy's Ariettes oubliées. The 33 songs on the disc set a total of 25 texts – several poems by Verlaine have attracted more than one composer, and Clair de lune appears three times, in versions by Debussy, Fauré and Joseph Szulc, while La lune blanche can be heard no less than four, in versions by Fauré, Ernest Chausson, Reynaldo Hahn and Poldowski – the pseudonym of the Belgian-born British composer Régine Wieniawski. Released in 2015 to critical acclaim, Carolyn Sampson's début recital disc, Fleurs (BIS-2102), was a flower-themed anthology with songs by composers ranging from Purcell to Benjamin Britten via Schubert and Debussy. On the present disc the repertoire is rather more concentrated in time – all songs were composed during a span of 35 years (c. 1880-1915) – but the variety is nevertheless striking: a reflection of how different artistic temperaments have responded to the many-facetted Verlaine.
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  Claude Debussy
  Fêtes galantes, 1er recueil 7'00
01 I. En sourdine 2'58
02 II. Fantoches 1'20
03 III. Clair de lune 2'42
04 Cythère 0'51
05 En sourdine 2'44
06 Colombine 1'53
07 L’heure exquise 2'53
08 Mandoline 1'34
09 Sur l’herbe 2'07
  Josef Zygmunt Szulc
10 Clair de lune  3'08
  Déodat De Séverac
11 Le ciel est, par-dessus le toit 3'28
  Gabriel Fauré
  La Bonne Chanson 19'37
12 I. Une sainte en son auréole 2'08
13 II. Puisque l’aube grandit 1'49
14 III. La lune blanche 2'09
15 IV. J’allais par des chemins perfides 1'39
16 V. J’ai presque peur, en vérité 2'16
17 VI. Avant que tu ne t’en ailles 2'26
18 VII. Donc, ce sera par un clair jour d’été 2'22
19 VIII. N’est-ce pas ? 2'05
20 IX. L’hiver a cessé 2'43
  Ernest Chausson
21 Apaisement 2'50
  Camille Saint-Saëns
22 Le vent dans la plaine 1'21
  Reynaldo Hahn
  7 Chansons grises 4'21
23 Tous deux 1'42
24 L’heure exquise 2'39
  Gabriel Fauré
25 Clair de lune 2'45
  Charles Bordes
26 Colloque sentimental 4'24
  Claude Debussy
  Ariettes oubliees 15'09
27 I. C’est l’extase langoureuse 2'42
28 II. Il pleure dans mon coeur 2'26
29 III. L’ombre des arbres 2'25
30 IV. Chevaux de bois 3'12
31 V. Aquarelles I: Green 2'14
32 VI. Aquarelles II: Spleen 2'10
  Déodat De Séverac
33 Paysages tristes 1'45
  Album total 80'00
SopranoSampson, Carolyn
PianoMiddleton, Joseph
ComposerBordes, Charles
Chausson, Ernest
De Séverac, Déodat
Debussy, Claude
Fauré, Gabriel
Hahn, Reynaldo
Saint-Saëns, Camille
Szulc, Josef Zygmunt

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