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C.P.E. Bach - Solo Keyboard Music, Vol.36

Composer Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Performer Miklós Spányi
Catalogue Number BIS-2263 CD
EAN 7318590022634
Format CD
Release date May 2018
Total time 80'00

From 'Kenner und Liebhaber' Book 6

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach published the first collection in his series ‘for Connaisseurs and Amateurs’ in 1779, at the age of 65, and the sixth and final in 1787, a year before his death. Throughout the series he continues to develop the three genres which are featured in it – sonata, rondo and fantasia. In the sixth collection,&&& the fantasias and rondos continue to resemble each other in structure and in stylistic features: abrupt tempo changes, disruptive rhythms, and constant harmonic non sequiturs. Bach gives them ample dimensions, but as in previous collections he continues to reduce the length of the sonatas, to the point that Sonata No. 1 is the shortest work of the collection, although it is in three distinct movements.
On this amply-filled disc, Miklós Spányi also includes four other works from Carl Philipp's last decade which in various ways underline the composer's boundless curiosity. The Sonata in G major, Wq 65/48 was composed for an experimental keyboard instrument with a bowing device coupled to it – a ‘Bogenclavier’ – while Bach in the set of variations Wq 118/9 gives us his own take on La Folia, the harmonic scheme that almost a century earlier had inspired composers such as Corelli, Marin Marais and Vivaldi, as well as Bach’s own father, in the famous ‘Peasant Cantata’.
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  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  Rondo No.1 in E flat major, Wq 61/1 (H 288)
01 Andantino 7'24
  Sonata No.1 in D major, Wq 61/2 (H 286) 5'29
02 Allegro di molto 2'27
03 Allegretto 1'25
04 Presto di molto 1'37
  Fantasia No.1 in B flat major, Wq 61/3 (H 289)
05 Allegretto 6'11
  Rondo No.2 in D minor, Wq 61/4 (H 290)
06 Allegro di molto 5'32
  Sonata No.2 in E minor, Wq 61/5 (H 287) 8'17
07 Allegretto 3'41
08 Andante 1'58
09 Allegretto 2'38
  Fantasia No.2 in C major, Wq 61/6 (H 291)
10 Presto di molto - Andante - Presto di molto - Larghetto sostenuto - Presto di molto 6'05
  Sonata in G major (Sonata fürs Bogen-Clavier), Wq 65/48 (H 280) 13'18
11 Andantino 7'48
12 Adagio e sostenuto 1'58
13 Allegro 3'32
  ‘Les Folies d’Espagne’ with 12 Variations, Wq 118/9 (H 263)
14 ‘Les Folies d’Espagne’ with 12 Variations, Wq 118/9 (H 263) 7'49
  Sonata in G major, Wq 65/50 (H 299) 6'53
15 Rondo. Lebhaft 2'04
16 Andante 2'36
17 Allegro 2'13
  Fantasia in F sharp minor, Wq 67 (H 300)
18 Adagio - Allegretto - Largo - Adagio - Largo - Adagio - Allegretto - Adagio - Allegretto - Largo 12'54
  Album total 80'00
ComposerBach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
Tangent pianoSpányi, Miklós

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