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About BIS

Founded in 1973, BIS Records is one of the most highly respected classical labels in the world, praised
  • for the sound quality of its recordings, whether released on regular CDs or as Hybrid SACDs with optional surround sound

  • for the versatility and variety of its catalogue, which to date includes 2700 titles - BIS is the only large record label with a strict non-deletion policy - with repertoire ranging from the most contemporary to music of the Middle Ages, and from mainstream classical (the Three Bs ...) to the downright esoteric
  During the recording of Kalevi Aho's Clarinet Quintet (released on BIS-1886) in Minneapolis Orchestra Hall
  • for having the commitment to undertake - and complete! - projects of daunting complexity, such as the Sibelius Edition with its 68 discs documenting every note the Finnish master ever wrote, and the complete series of Bach's complete cantatas, recorded in a chapel in Kobe, Japan, by the Bach Collegium Japan and Masaaki Suzuki

  • for being a truly international label - with its headquarters in Sweden BIS makes recordings all over the world, including Singapore, Minneapolis, Tokyo, London, Cologne, Vienna... and a certain medieval church 80km north of Stockholm, loved by musicians such as Dame Emma Kirkby, Ronald Brautigam and New York Polyphony.
Ingo Petry (recording producer) and Hans Kipfer (sound engineer) recording Respighi (BIS-2130) in Liège

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