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Bridges - works for violin and piano by Greek composers

Composer Dinos Constantinides
Yannis Constantinidis
Boris Papandopulo
Dimitri Terzakis
Performer Uwe Matschke
Danae Papamattheou-Matschke
Period Modern
Catalogue Number BIS-2563 SACD
EAN 7318599925639
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
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Release date Jun 2023
Total time 75'02

Émigré composers’ music shaped by their new environment
This recording has been designed to introduce works for violin and piano by Greek composers or composers of partial Greek descent, whose works were inspired and shaped far from their place of birth by the influences and cultural trends of their new environments.

Boris Papandopulo was based in the former Yugoslavia and his music is infused with Balkan folk music &&&elements as displayed by his Sonata while the Meditation, which opens this recording, is infused with an elegiac atmosphere inspired by the Dalmatian coast. Dinos Constantinides lived for more than 50 years in the United States. While his Sonata for violin and piano uses the twelve-tone technique it is at the same time characterized by long sweeping melodies.

Dimitri Terzakis’ Sonate infernale was inspired by the reading of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Dedicated to violinist Danae Papamattheou-Matschke, Sprüche im Wind is an aphoristic cycle made of miniatures displaying short melodic ideas which can be seen as a poetic distillation of his sonata. One of the most versatile Greek musicians of the twentieth century, Yannis Constantinidis composed his Suite on popular Greek songs from the Dodecanese based on authentic melodies and folk dances richly harmonized with an almost impressionistic sensitivity to which improvisational embellishments are added.
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  Boris Papandopulo
01 Meditation 6'24
  Sonata for Violin and Piano 18'33
02 I. Allegro con brio 5'50
03 II. Scherzo 3'28
04 III. Largo (Sostenuto adagio) 6'14
05 VI. Allegro moderato 3'01
  Dinos Constantinides
  Sonata for violin and piano  13'55
06 I. Moderato 4'41
07 II. Adagio 4'23
08 III. Allegro moderato 4'51
  Dimitri Terzakis
  Sonate infernale 16'13
09 I. 3'03
10 II. 5'19
11 III. 7'51
  Sprüche im Wind 7'50
12 I. 0'55
13 II. 0'35
14 III. 0'26
15 IV. 0'53
16 V. 0'35
17 VI. 1'11
18 VII. 0'54
19 VIII. 0'22
20 IX. 1'09
21 X. 0'50
  Yannis Constantinidis
  Suite sur des mélodies populaires grecques du Dodécanèse 11'55
22 I. Air de Karpathos 1'53
23 II. Chant pastoral de Kalymnos 0'51
24 III. Chant et danse de Rhodes 1'57
25 IV. Danse de Leros 1'14
26 V. Air de Rhodes 2'50
27 VI. Chant nuptial et danse de Rhodes 3'10
  Album total 75'02
ComposerConstantinides, Dinos
Papandopulo, Boris
Terzakis, Dimitri
Yannis Constantinidis
ViolinPapamattheou-Matschke, Danae
PianoMatschke, Uwe

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