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Attilio Ariosti - The Stockholm Sonatas I

Composer Attilio Ariosti
Performer Thomas Georgi
Lucas Harris
Joëlle Morton
Period Baroque
Catalogue Number BIS-1535 CD
EAN 7318590015353
Format CD
Release date Jun 2006
Total time 69'14

Attilio Ariosti (1666-1729) was a singer and organist, as well as a cellist and composer. When his name appears today, however, it is usually in connection with the viola d’amore. Ariosti was famous as a virtuoso performer on this instrument, but he also composed for it. The chamber works for viola d’amore which have survived are his Collection of Lessons and the Recueil de Pièces pour la Viol d’Amour, comprising 21 solos – really sonatas in all but name. Together they form the largest single set of baroque works for the viola d’amore.
During Ariosti’s lifetime these works probably circulated in manuscript copies. That the solos of the Recueil survive at all is thanks to a young music student, Johan Helmich Roman, later known as the father of Swedish music, who copied them in the late 1710s and brought them home with him to Stockholm.

In his initiated liner notes, Thomas Georgi, one of today’s finest exponents of the viola d’amore, gives an interesting introduction to Ariosti and the instrument, including the various tunings and notational system that are associated with it.
This disc, the first of three, contains the six Lessons of the Collection, produced by Ariosti in order to promote the viola d’amore in England, his new home. Five of them appear as in the original, whereas Thomas Georgi has combined the sixth with four movements from the Recueil de Pièces, to form two sonatas – ‘Stockholm Sonatas’. A fascinating opportunity to enjoy a rarely heard instrument, expertly supported by Lucas Harris and Joëlle Morton, two of North America’s finest baroque instrumentalists.
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  Attilio Ariosti
  Lezione I in E flat major 10'10
01 I. Allegro 3'09
02 II. Largo 3'46
03 III. Tempo Giusto 3'15
  Lezione II in A major 8'44
04 I. Cantabile: Grave 1'32
05 II. Vivace 2'14
06 III. Sarabande: Adagio 3'07
07 IV. Menuet 1'51
  Lezione III in E minor 12'59
08 I. Adagio 2'05
09 II. Allemanda 2'39
10 III. Adagio 4'49
11 IV. Giga (guitar) 3'26
  Lezione IV in F major 11'17
12 I. Adagio 3'02
13 II. Andante 3'00
14 III. Corrente 2'28
15 IV. Giga (guitar) 2'47
  Lezione V in E minor 8'25
16 I. Vivace 2'23
17 II. Largo 2'57
18 III. Giga (guitar) 3'05
  Sonata 6 in D major 8'37
19 I. Andante from Recueil de Pièces pour la Viol d´Amour 3'00
20 II. Menuet from Recueil de Pièces ... 2'35
21 III. Giga from Lezione VI (guitar) 1'12
22 IV. Rondeau from Lezione VI 1'50
  Sonata 7 in D major 8'02
23 I. A tempo guisto from Lezione VI 2'03
24 II. Corrente from Lezione VI (guitar) 1'55
25 III. Adagio from Recueil de Pièces... 2'09
26 IV. Giga from Recueil de Pièces... (guitar) 1'55
  Album total 69'14
ComposerAriosti, Attilio
Viola d'amoreGeorgi, Thomas
Theorbo/archlute/baroque guitarHarris, Lucas
Viola da gamba/great bass violMorton, Joëlle

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