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Nicolas Bacri - Sturm und Drang

Composer Nicolas Bacri
Performer Lisa Batiashvili
Sharon Bezaly
François Leleux
Tapiola Sinfonietta
Jean-Jacques Kantorow, conductor
Period Contemporary
Catalogue Number BIS-1579 CD
EAN 7318590015797
Format CD
Release date Sep 2009
Total time 58'54

Music Web International: outstanding.

The French composer Nicolas Bacri has said that melody is the essence of all music; it is certainly an essential feature of these works, composed between 1995 and 2004. The programme mirrors Bacri’s involvement with the melodic genre par excellence, the concerto: four of the works included are concertante works with one or two solo instruments in interplay with a small-scale orchestra. Concerto nostalgico ‘L’automne’ and Concerto amoroso ‘Le printemps’ – dedicated to Lisa Batiashvili and François Leleux, the soloists on this recording – form part of a projected ‘Four Seasons’ cycle, whereas the Flute Concerto – here interpreted by Sharon Bezaly – and the brief Nocturne for cello and strings, with soloist Riitta Pesola, stand on their own. But besides his many concertos, Bacri has also composed no less than six symphonies. Of these, Symphony No. 4 was commissioned to form part of a concert-cycle dedicated to ‘Sturm und Drang’ compositions of the late-Classical era. Bacri himself has described the process as ‘putting myself “in the skin” of a composer of the Classical period’. He adds the following qualification: ‘Even though I haven’t been afraid to sketch the outlines of an aesthetic vocabulary of another time, I have also tried to present an emotional content arising from the musical pre-occupations I feel to be my own.’ This highly accessible, colourful and melodic music is here interpreted by the Tapiola Sinfonietta under Jean-Jacques Kantorow, a team whose previous recordings on BIS have been enthusiastically received by the reviewers. A recent disc of works by Saint-Saëns was for instance described as ‘a smorgasbord of distinctive orchestral colours’ in Classic FM Magazine, while the German website discovered ‘a truly magnificent orchestral sound – as flexible as it is transparent.’
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  Nicolas Bacri
  Concerto amoroso ‘Le printemps’ for oboe, violin and string orchestra, Op.80 13'06
01 Mosaïca 3'33
02 Notturno 7'36
03 Mosaïca II 1'57
  Concerto for Flute and Orchestra, Op.63 15'38
04 I. Largo misterioso – Allegro moderato 4'55
05 II. Estatico 5'22
06 III. Andante scorrevole 5'21
07 Concerto nostalgico ‘L’automne’ for oboe, cello and string orchestra, Op.80 No.1 10'24
08 Nocturne for cello and string orchestra, Op.90 4'14
  Symphony No.4 ‘Sturm und Drang’, Op.49 13'42
09 I. Allegro fuocoso – Omaggio a Richard Strauss 3'31
10 II. Arietta – Omaggio a Igor Stravinsky 3'30
11 III. Menuetto – Omaggio a Arnold Schœnberg 3'14
12 Finale – Omaggio a Kurt Weill 3'27
  Album total 58'54
OrchestraTapiola Sinfonietta
OboeLeleux, François
ConductorKantorow, Jean-Jacques
ViolinBatiashvili, Lisa
ComposerBacri, Nicolas
FluteBezaly, Sharon
CelloPesola, Riitta

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