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Tournament for Twenty Fingers - piano duets

Composer Richard Arnell
Sir Lennox Berkeley
Stephen Dodgson
Constant Lambert
Performer Emma Abbate
Julian Perkins
Period Modern
Catalogue Number BIS-2578 SACD
EAN 7318599925783
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
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Release date Jul 2022
Total time 69'47

Initially enjoying popularity first in Germany-speaking lands and then in France, the genre of the piano duet (four hands, one piano) went on to blossom in England during the 20th century. On this album Emma Abbate and Julian Perkins present the complete works for piano duet by each of the composers selected. Palm Court Waltz, the Sonatina and Theme and Variations from Lennox Berkeley display Gallic traits, the consequence no doubt of his studies in France and his keen interest in &&&the music of Satie, Ravel and Poulenc. While showing an evolution in the composer’s approach to tonality, every hint of seriousness is constantly balanced by elegant playfulness and diaphanous textures.

Less well-known than Berkeley, Richard Arnell and Stephen Dodgson nevertheless contribute to the general atmosphere with their unabashedly tonal music that shows the neoclassical influence of Hindemith, Prokofiev and Stravinsky. Dodgson’s suite Tournament for Twenty Fingers, which gives its title to this disc, is especially full of fun while ending with a homage to the Czech composers Dvořák and Janáček. An outstanding talent, Constant Lambert held jazz in high esteem and his Trois Pièces – written to be played entirely on the piano’s white keys – form a high-spirited and heartfelt tribute to its rhythmical vitality and inventiveness.
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  Sir Lennox Berkeley
01 Palm Court Waltz, Op.81 No. 2 4'02
  Sonatina in E flat major, Op.39 8'53
02 I. Allegro moderato 3'03
03 II. Andante 2'51
04 III. Allegro 2'59
05 Theme and Variations, Op.73 7'39
  Richard Arnell
  Sonatina, Op.61 8'08
06 Sonatina, Op.61 0'57
07 II. Allegro 2'15
08 III. Andante 2'22
09 IV. Poco presto 2'34
  Stephen Dodgson
  Tournament for Twenty Fingers 21'15
10 Gavotte 1'22
11 Romance 2'55
12 Fantasia in C minor 2'38
13 Cradle Song 1'27
14 Hill-Billy 1'54
15 Allegretto in F 1'42
16 Cradle Song (extended version) 2'00
17 A Bohemian Entertainment 7'17
18 Sonata for pianoforte duet 8'41
  Constant Lambert
  Trois Pièces nègres pour les touches blanches 8'42
19 Aubade 2'18
20 Siesta 3'36
21 Nocturne 2'48
  Album total 69'47
PianoAbbate, Emma
Perkins, Julian
ComposerArnell, Richard
Berkeley, Sir Lennox
Dodgson, Stephen
Lambert, Constant

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