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Roman - Music for a Royal Wedding

Composer Johan Helmich Roman
Performer Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra
Andrew Manze, conductor
Period Baroque
Catalogue Number BIS-1602 CD
EAN 7318590016022
Format CD
Release date May 2010
Total time 70'04

Composed for the 1744 celebrations at Drottningholm Palace of the marriage between the Swedish crown prince Adolf Fredrik and Lovisa Ulrika of Prussia, Johan Helmich Roman's Drottningholm Music is a key work in Swedish art music. Consisting of 24 individual movements, it forms an inventory of short pieces suitable for providing the proper musical ambience for the royal celebrations, which took place over four days. As befitted the occasion, the character of the music is buoyant and witty, and when the atmosphere occasionally veers away from the carefree, it is towards a graceful melancholy rather than grief or pain. This also conforms to the spirit of the time, as does the style of the music itself: varied and brimming with ideas, but never weighed down by dry learnedness or disproportionate displays of emotion. Roman had spent formative years in London in the 1710s, and in the 1730s made a long journey throughout Europe, absorbing the new, ‘galant' currents in music. Although by 1744 he was suffering from failing health, he was at his peak as a composer, and in this sparkling and joyful music he demonstrates both his innate talent and the impressions gathered from music by composers such as Sammartini and Leonardo Leo. The work is performed by Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, guided by Andrew Manze, the orchestra's principal conductor and one of the world's leading specialists on baroque music.
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  Johan Helmich Roman
  Drottningholmsmusiken - Music for a Royal Wedding 69'17
01 I. Allegro assai 3'10
02 II. Allegretto 2'23
03 III. Andante 5'49
04 IV. Non troppo allegro 5'27
05 V. Andante 2'53
06 VI. Poco allegro 1'38
07 VII. Allegro 1'27
08 VIII. Lento 3'41
09 IX. Allegro 3'36
10 X. Allegro assai 2'25
11 XI. Allegro 2'27
12 XII. Presto 2'29
13 XIII. Tempo di Menuetto 1'29
14 XIV. [Trio – Menuetto da capo] 2'37
15 XV. Grave 3'07
16 XVI. Presto 1'41
17 XVII. Lento 2'21
18 XVIII. [Andante] 2'09
19 XIX. Allegro molto 0'57
20 XX. Allegro 3'40
21 XXI. Allegro 1'44
22 XXII. Allegro 3'55
23 XXIII. Vivace 1'10
24 XXIV. Allegro 5'42
25 XXIII. Vivace [da capo] 1'20
  Album total 70'04
OrchestraHelsingborg Symphony Orchestra (Helsingborg Symfoniorkester)
ConductorManze, Andrew
ComposerRoman, Johan Helmich

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