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Skalkottas - The Land and The Sea of Greece

Composer Nikos Skalkottas
Performer Lorenda Ramou
Period Contemporary
Catalogue Number BIS-1564 CD
EAN 7318590015643
Format CD
Release date Aug 2006
Total time 62'58

Gramophone: outstanding; Music Web International: outstanding.

This unique programme consists of ballet music by Nikos Skalkottas (1904-1949) written for the piano and, in some cases, later orchestrated by the composer. Pianist Lorenda Ramou, making her first disc for BIS, has together with the musicologist Yiannis Samprovalakis searched the archives and private sources for these scores which were written in close collaboration with a number of choreographers in Athens during the last ten years of Skalkottas’s life. This is the 16th title dedicated to the music of Skalkottas in the BIS catalogue, a pioneering recording project which has received high praise from the critics, especially for bringing out the various facets of this composer who worked within both tonal and serial traditions. The orchestra version of The Maiden and Death (on BIS-CD-1014) was described as ‘drop-dead gorgeous’ by the reviewer on Classics, while Four Images and The Sea for orchestra (on BIS-CD-1384), which together incorporate the movements of The Land and the Sea of Greece, are ‘clearly descriptive’ and ‘brilliantly orchestrated’ – here, then, is an opportunity to hear the works in their original piano versions, while expanding one’s knowledge about a composer about whom a reviewer in Fanfare has written: ‘Skalkottas may have an individual voice, but he speaks a universal language, and his discovery is a cause of rejoicing.’
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  Nikos Skalkottas
  The Land and the Sea of Greece / Η γη
και η
Ελλάδας, Ballet
01 I. The Harvest. Moderato 2'39
02 II. The Sowing. Andante 3'58
03 III. The Vintage. Allegro 3'10
04 IV. The Land and Sea of Greece. Molto vivace 3'19
05 V. The Trawler. Moderato – Andante 3'34
06 VI. Dance of the Waves. Vivace 4'23
  Nikos Skalkottas
  Island Images /
εικόνες, Ballet Suite
(1st version / 1η γραφή –
07 I. The Trawler. Moderato 2'12
08 II. Building of Fishing Boat. Vivo 1'58
09 III. Sea Waves. Andante 2'46
10 IV. Launching the Fishing Boat 2'38
11 V. Greek Dance. Allegro moderato 1'01
12 VI. Sunday in Church – Feast. Andante – Allegro vivace 2'09
  Nikos Skalkottas
  The Maiden and Death / Η
Λυγερή κι ο
Χάρος (1938), Ballet Suite
13 I. Moderato maestoso – attacca – 1'33
14 II. Allegro – attacca – 2'22
15 III. Andantino – Tempo di Valse (Lento) – Allegro moderato – Lento – attacca – 5'01
16 IV. Vivo – attacca – 2'05
17 V. Allegro – attacca – 1'14
18 VI. Lentement – attacca – 3'35
19 VII.Moderato assai; Lento – Allegro moderato – Lento 3'24
20 Procession to Acheron 4'09
  Nikos Skalkottas
  Echo / Ηχώ (1942/43?), Little Dance Piece /
21 Echo, Little Dance Piece 3'44
  Album total 62'58
PianoRamou, Lorenda
ComposerSkalkottas, Nikos

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