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Smetana - Má Vlast

Composer Bedrich Smetana
Performer Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Claus Peter Flor, conductor
Period Romantic
Catalogue Number BIS-1805 SACD
EAN 7318599918051
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
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Release date Dec 2010
Total time 76'00

10/10 ClassicsTodayFrance
"Under Claus Peter Flor, the MPO has an appropriately epic sweep and technicolor brilliance, and dispatch this music with really striking dramatic flair." MusicWeb International; "A tremendously exciting performance of Má Vlast, one that compares favorably to any in the catalog."; "In künstlerischer wie technischer Hinsicht hervorragend." Pizzicato; "Un très beau disque." Diapason

By gathering six symphonic poems under the title Má Vlast (‘My Country‘), Bedřich Smetana created what is probably the most extensive portrayal of any geographical region in the history of music.
In his cycle (composed between 1874 and 1879) Smetana combined the new genre of symphonic poem, a term coined by Liszt in 1854, with the then highly fashionable ideals of nationalistic music. The result was an instant success – not just on Smetana‘s home ground, but also internationally – and the various parts (especially The Moldau) still remain favourites in concert halls all over the world. Female warriors, Christian reformers, medieval fortresses and peasant festivals – all of these appear in the broad fresco in which Smetana depicted his beloved Bohemia.
Ranging from idyllic to grandiose, the music is here performed by Claus Peter Flor and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.
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  Bedrich Smetana
  Má Vlast (My Country) 75'24
01 Vyšehrad 14'38
02 Vltava (The Moldau) 12'14
03 Šárka 9'42
04 Z českých luhů a hájů (From Bohemia’s Woods and Fields) 12'31
05 Tábor 13'09
06 Blaník 13'10
  Album total 76'00
ConductorFlor, Claus Peter
ComposerSmetana, Bedrich
OrchestraMalaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

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