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Rolf Wallin

Rolf Wallin (b. 1957) is one of Scandinavia’s leading composers, widely performed and commissioned worldwide. His musical background spans from avantgarde rock, jazz and early music to traditional classical training. This versatility is reflected in a many-faceted list of compositions, and in collaborations with prominent artists from other art forms and different musical genres. His constantly curious mind has helped him extract music from unusual sources; from intricate fractal mathematic algorithms creating the uncannily organic patterns of pieces like Stonewave (1990), or from a balloon, soap water and a knife in Scratch (1991). Many of his works connect directly with the world around him, such as Act (2004), a celebration of the power of cooperation, Strange News (2007), which tells the story of the rehabilitation of child soldiers, and the opera Elysium (2016), projecting the long struggle for Human Rights into a possibly transhuman future. For more information on Rolf Wallin, please visit his website

Wallin & Buene - Violin Concertos
Spellemann 2017 nominee
Wallin - Under City Skin
Håkan Hardenberger - Both Sides, Now
CD of the Week, DR (Danish Radio)
Stonewave - flute and percussion ensemble
BIS-512 CD
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