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HK Gruber - Zeitstimmung

Composer (HK) Heinz Karl Gruber
Johann II Strauss
Performer Martin Grubinger
Tonkünstler Orchestra
Kristjan Järvi, conductor
Period Contemporary
Catalogue Number BIS-1681 SACD
EAN 7318599916811
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Sep 2006
Total time 78'44

International Record Review: outstanding.

It has been said about HK Gruber (b. 1943) that he 'throws off labels as fast as pundits can affix them. Neo-romantic, neo-tonal, neo-expressionistic, neo-Viennese: he isn’t any of these things, so much as a sentient composer who keeps responding to whatever musical stimulus, be it highbrow or lowbrow, 12-tone or 7-tone, bitter or sweet, that comes his way.' The programme on this disc demonstrates many of Gruber's facets. In Rough Music he proves his familiarity with rhythmic serialism as used by Alban Berg, but the main impetus for the work was provided by his reading about a French custom of villagers ostracizing undesirable elements by making noises outside their homes. In Zeitstimmung, he returns to texts by his friend H.C. Artmann – who also provided the libretto for the successful 'pan-demonium' Frankenstein!!! – and creates a mosaic in which golden Chinese dragons, a fat Count complete with eyeglass, Shnorrhabardian the Armenian maker of wooden horses and a Viennese war invalid in the Prater are only some of the ingredients. And in Charivari, finally, Gruber takes up the gauntlet from the Waltz King himself, Johann Strauss II. The incessant ostinato of the latter's Perpetuum Mobile is used as the starting point of what has been interpreted as a scathing exposé of how Austria has suppressed its share of the guilt in various political events, instead concealing itself behind a smug mask. With Gruber himself performing, in his inimitable way, the vocal part in Zeitstimmung, with young percussionist Martin Grubinger and with the Tonkünstler Orchestra under its dynamic principal conductor Kristjan Järvi the scene is set for an exhilarating, troubling, frightening and ultimately indescribable experience.
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  (HK) Heinz Karl Gruber
  Rough Music - Concerto for percussion and orchestra 25'57
01 I. Toberac 6'27
02 II. Shivaree 10'29
03 III.Charivari (pour Henri Sauguet, au tombeau de Monsieur le Pauvre) 9'01
  (HK) Heinz Karl Gruber
  Zeitstimmung (Time Shadow) for chansonnier and orchestra to
texts by H.C. Artmann
04 golddrachen 3'52
05 exempel der pyrofilie 1'55
06 die zeit der fliegenden fische 0'25
07 eine laus im uhrgehäuse 0'42
08 caspar, ein meister 0'52
09 wer in die hölle kommt 2'59
10 der graf mit dem einglas 6'33
11 gewehr bei fuß 0'36
12 schnorrhabardian 6'13
13 wenn du in den prater kommst 3'26
14 die sintflut 2'31
15 mene tekel 6'53
16 fenster ins freie 1'21
  Johann Strauss II
17 Perpetuum mobile. A Musical Joke, Op.257 2'44
  (HK) Heinz Karl Gruber
18 Charivari. An Austrian Journal for Orchestra 10'40
  Album total 78'44
ComposerGruber, (HK) Heinz Karl
Strauss II, Johann
OrchestraTonkünstler Orchestra
ConductorJärvi, Kristjan
PercussionGrubinger, Martin
ChansonnierGruber, (HK) Heinz Karl

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