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Nordic Showcase

Composer Jón Leifs
Bo Linde
Carl Nielsen
Jean Sibelius
Johan Svendsen
Anders Wesström
Performer Richard Tognetti
Nordic Chamber Orchestra
Christian Lindberg, conductor
Period Romantic
Catalogue Number BIS-1538 CD
EAN 7318590015384
Format CD
Release date Apr 2007
Total time 60'46

“A very well chosen smorgasbord …” American Record Guide
"The most enraptured and heartfelt rendering of the inexplicably neglected Svendsen Romance that I have ever heard. This is music-making at a truly exalted level." International Record Review; “A very well chosen smorgasbord of Nordic music ... played with the utmost feeling and with gem-like purity of tone." American Record Guide; "Da wird mit einer spontanen, unverbrauchten Frische, wo nötig aber auch mit einer Sensibilität musiziert..."

The idea of a specifically Nordic character in music has as many supporters as it has detractors. One problem in deciding which side to join is that one often ends up comparing a small number of universally known pieces, such as Grieg's Piano Concerto, Sibelius’ Finlandia and Carl Nielsen’s Fourth Symphony – and quickly realizes that this is the equivalent of comparing apples and pears! Nordic Showcase gives the listener an opportunity to make up her/his own mind, combining as it does less widely exposed music from all five Nordic countries – the most famous pieces being Nielsen’s Little Suite and Svendsen’s Romance. With the exception of the Armida Overture by Swedish composer Anders Wesström (1720-1781), all the works were composed between the end of the 19th and the middle of the 20th century. They are performed here by the Nordic Chamber Orchestra, based in the Swedish city of Sundsvall – more or less the geographic centre of the Nordic countries – under Christian Lindberg. Making a guest appearance in Svendsen’s Romance is the eminent Australian violinist Richard Tognetti.
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  Carl Nielsen
  Suite for string orchestra, Op.1 13'44
01 I. Prelude. Andante con moto 2'48
02 II. Intermezzo. Allegro moderato 4'51
03 III. Finale. Andante con moto – Allegro con brio 6'05
  Johan Svendsen
04 Romance for violin and orchestra, Op.26 7'53
  Anders Wesström
  Armida Overture 7'49
05 I. Allegro 2'39
06 II. Andante cantabile 3'16
07 III. Allegro assai 1'54
  Jón Leifs
08 Variazioni Pastorali, Op.8 (Variations on a theme of Beethoven) 10'44
  Bo Linde
  Concerto piccolo, Op.35 for wind quintet and string orchestra 10'47
09 I. Preludio e scherzo 4'33
10 II. Canto 3'20
11 III. Finale 2'54
  Jean Sibelius
12 Impromptu for strings 8'04
  Album total 60'46
OrchestraNordic Chamber Orchestra
ComposerLeifs, Jón
Linde, Bo
Nielsen, Carl
Sibelius, Jean
Svendsen, Johan
Wesström, Anders
ConductorLindberg, Christian
ViolinTognetti, Richard

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