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Nuits - weiß wie Lilien (vocal music from the 20th century)

Composer Toshio Hosokawa
René Leibowitz
György Ligeti
Giacinto Scelsi
Arnold Schoenberg
Cornelius Schwehr
Anton Webern
Iannis Xenakis
Performer Schola Heidelberg
Ensemble Aisthesis
Walter Nussbaum, conductor
Period Contemporary
Catalogue Number BIS-1090 CD
EAN 7318590010907
Format CD
Release date Jun 2001
Total time 69'55

Diapason d'Or; Le Monde de la Musique: Choc.
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  Toshio Hosokawa
01 Ave Maria for 16-part mixed choir a cappella (1991) 8'37
  Giacinto Scelsi
  Tre canti sacri per 8 voci miste 9'57
02 I. Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae 2'42
03 II. Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine 3'51
04 III. Gloria in excelsis Deo 3'24
  Arnold Schönberg
05 De Profundis (Psalm 130), Op.50b for mixed choir a cappella 3'52
  Giacinto Scelsi
  TKRDG for 6 male voices, 3 percussionists and electrically amplified guitar 11'41
06 I. 4'33
07 II. 2'50
08 III. 4'18
  René Leibowitz
  Two Settings, Op.71 for mixed chorus a cappella, after poems by William Blake 3'05
09 I. The Sick Rose 1'23
10 II. Never Seek to Tell Thy Love 1'42
  Anton von Webern
  Drei Lieder, Op.18, for voice, E flat clarinet and guitar 3'24
11 I. Sehr ruhig 0'54
12 II. Erlösung 1'05
13 III. Langsam 1'25
  Cornelius Schwehr
14 deutsche tänze for 5 female voices (Text: Bertholt Brecht) 7'10
  Anton von Webern
  Zwei Lieder, Op.19 (Texts: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) 2'05
15 I. Lebhaft und leicht 1'07
16 II. Sehr gemächlich 0'58
  Iannis Xenakis
17 Nuits. Musique pour 12 voix mixtes 8'33
  György Ligeti
18 Lux aeterna for 16-part mixed choir a cappella 8'35
  Album total 69'55
ComposerHosokawa, Toshio
Leibowitz, René
Ligeti, György
Scelsi, Giacinto
Schwehr, Cornelius
Schönberg, Arnold
Webern, Anton von
Xenakis, Iannis
ConductorNussbaum (Nußbaum), Walter
Vocal ensembleSchola Heidelberg
Ensembleensemble aisthesis

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