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Debussy Orchestrated

Composer Claude Debussy
Performer Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire
Pascal Rophé, conductor
Period Impressionism
Catalogue Number BIS-2622 SACD
EAN 7318599926223
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
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Release date Feb 2022
Total time 65'07

With the present disc, Pascal Rophé and his Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire pay tribute to their great countryman, Claude Debussy – but not with the standard orchestral fare. Debussy Orchestrated paints a portrait of a light-hearted composer, seen through the eyes of two of his collaborators, Henri Büsser and André Caplet, who transferred the works recorded here from the keyboard to the orchestra. In Petite Suite, composed for piano four hands in 1899, Debussy makes allusions to Fêtes galantes by Paul Verlaine, the poet who so often inspired him. &&&Büsser’s orchestration of this light and pleasant suite was made in 1907, and obviously pleased Debussy, as he later entrusted him with making an orchestral version of Printemps.

As for Children’s Corner and La Boîte à joujoux, it is probably fair to say that the composer’s main inspiration was his own daughter, Claude-Emma, born in 1905. Both works are dedicated to her, and it is easy to imagine that some of the characters that appear in Children’s Corner had their counterparts among her toys. Letting toys come alive in a ballet was the idea that illustrator André Hellé a few years later presented to Debussy with La Boîte à joujoux. The piano version of the piece was published, with Hellé’s illustrations, in time for Christmas in 1913 and Debussy began orchestrating it the following year, but died before he could complete the task. His friend André Caplet – who had already orchestrated Children’s Corner – took over and the ballet was finally premièred in December 1919.
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  Claude Debussy
  Petite suite, L. 65 14'17
01 I. En Bateau 4'17
02 II. Cortège 3'29
03 III. Menuet 3'16
04 IV. Ballet 3'15
  La Boîte à joujoux, L. 136 31'34
05 Prélude. Le Sommeil de la boîte 2'02
06 1er Tableau. Le Magasin de jouets 11'06
07 2ème Tableau. Le Champ de bataille 9'00
08 3ème Tableau. La Bergerie à vendre 6'19
09 4ème Tableau. Après fortune faite 1'47
10 Épilogue 1'20
  Children’s Corner, L. 113 17'36
11 I. Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum 2'36
12 II. Jumbo's Lullaby - Berceuse des éléphants 3'48
13 III. Serenade for the Doll - Sérénade à la Poupée 2'47
14 IV. The Snow is Dancing - La neige danse 2'46
15 V. The Little Shepherd - Le petit berger 2'33
16 VI. Golliwogg's Cake-Walk 3'06
  Album total 65'07
OrchestraOrchestre National des Pays de la Loire
ConductorRophe, Pascal
ComposerDebussy, Claude
ArrangerBusser, Henri
Caplet, André

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