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Kevät kerran on koittava - Spring will come

Choral rarities from Finland

From a 21st-century perspective, Sibelius may appear to stand more or less alone in the history of Finnish music. It is easy to forget that he could not have fulfilled his artistic potential if his environment had not been conducive to musical creativity. But much of the music that was part of that environment has been almost completely forgotten, often because its aesthetic didn’t accord with the prevailing nationalist trends of the late 19th century. In this programme of choral works, Nils Schweckendiek and his Helsinki Chamber Choir guide us through some 80 years of Finnish music for choir, from the period when the country formed part of the Russian Empire, as the Grand Duchy of Finland. It was during this time that a Finnish nationalist movement began to take form, in opposition towards the political and cultural dominance of Russia and Sweden respectively. This development can be traced in the way the idea of Spring – a staple in the songs of the Nordic countries – changes from a sense of joy at the end to the hardships of winter to a metaphor for liberation from political oppression. Another result was the Fennicization towards the end of the 19th century, during which many popular Swedish and German-language songs were translated into Finnish and the originals in effect suppressed – a case in point being the earliest piece on the disc, F. A. Ehrström’s Svanen (The Swan, 1833), which has had it’s original Swedish text restored for this recording.
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  Erkki Melartin
01 Aamulla 0'54
  Karl Collan
02 Morgenlied 1'34
  Henrik Borenius
03 Laulajaparille 1'27
  Karl Johan Moring
04 Den väntande 1'56
05 Hämnden 1'10
  Bernhard Henrik Crusell
06 Hell dig, du höga Nord! 1'44
  Piae Cantiones Trad., Heikki Klemetti
07 In vernali tempore / Tullos kevät armahin 2'47
  Fredrik Pacius
08 Vårmorgonen 3'52
  Rafael Laethén
09 Iltalaulu 1'34
  Fredrik August Ehrström
10 Svanen 2'20
  Robert Kajanus
11 Serenad 1'21
  Traditional/arr. Emil Sivori
12 Iloa ja surua 2'14
  Ludvig Kiljander
13 Metsässä 1'42
  Pekka Juhani Hannikainen
14 Punkaharjun laulutyttö 1'55
  Erik August Hagfors
15 Kevätyhtiön polska 1'58
  Traditional/arr. Martin Wegelius
16 Och jungfrun hon går i dansen 0'39
  Ludvig Kiljander
17 Hiljaa! 1'47
  Primus Leppänen
18 Näin unta kesästä kerran 1'49
  Emil Genetz
19 Ins stille Land 1'20
  Armas Järnefelt
20 Orpo ja lintu 3'36
21 Armahan kulku 1'35
  Erkki Melartin
22 Darthulan hautauslaulu 4'04
  Oskar Merikanto
23 Itätuulessa 3'59
  Erkki Melartin
24 Piirilaulu 0'43
  Traditional/arr. Richard Faltin
25 Piiritanssilaulu 1'43
  Gabriel Linsén
26 Skördefolkets visa 0'43
  Album total 53'11
ComposerBorenius, Henrik
Collan, Karl
Crusell, Bernhard Henrik
Ehrström, Fredrik August
Genetz, Emil
Hagfors, Erik August
Hannikainen, Pekka Juhani
Järnefelt, Armas
Kajanus, Robert
Kiljander, Ludvig
Klemetti, Heikki
Laethén, Rafael
Leppänen, Primus
Linsén, Gabriel
Melartin, Erkki
Merikanto, Oskar
Moring, Karl Johan
Pacius, Fredrik
Trad., Piae Cantiones
Traditional/arr. Emil Sivori
Traditional/arr. Martin Wegelius
Traditional/arr. Richard Faltin
Cöster, Fredrik Bernhard
Erkko, J.H.
Leino, Eino
Moring, Karl Johan
Nuormaa, Severi
Oksanen, August
Ossian / Runeberg / Veijola
Runeberg, Johan Ludvig
Salis-Seewis, Johann Gaudenz Freiherr von
Stagnelius, Erik Johan
Topelius, Zachris
Uhland, Ludwig
Wialén, A. O.
ChoirHelsinki Chamber Choir
ConductorSchweckendiek, Nils

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