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J.S. Bach - Cantatas, Vol.25 (BWV 78, 99, 114)

Composer Johann Sebastian Bach
Performer Peter Kooij
Yukari Nonoshita
Makoto Sakurada
Daniel Taylor
Bach Collegium Japan
Masaaki Suzuki, conductor
Period Baroque
Catalogue Number BIS-1361 CD
EAN 7318590013618
Format CD
Release date Jul 2004
Total time 62'57

BBC Music Magazine: 5 stars.

The 25th volume of the ongoing Bach Cantata series undertaken by BIS and Bach Collegium Japan is a milestone in a great project. Looking back on the reviews of the previous installments is an uplifting experience: 'indispensable', 'eminent', ' top of the list' and 'remarkable' are only a few of the words used about the interpretations by Masaaki Suzuki and the Bach Collegium Japan. And when Jonathan Freeman-Attwood of Gramophone chose volume 23 as his record of the year, he wrote: 'Of all Bach enterprises in recent decades, there can be few as consistently fulfilling as Masaaki Suzuki's series of cantatas.'

The present disc will not disappoint anyone, because Masaaki Suzuki and the BCJ are back in their usual form. They are joined by three soloists familiar from many previous volumes as well as one new-comer, the Canadian counter-tenor Daniel Taylor, who has made a name for himself both on the stage (for instance at Glyndebourne) and in the concert hall, collaborating with, among others, Philippe Herreweghe and William Christie.

Some press voices:

"The crowning achievement here is 'Jesu, der du meine Seele', which is wonderfully sustained throughout. Profoundly satisfying. Bravo!" BBC Music Magazine November 2004

“A landmark recording results in another fine volume and augurs well … Suzuki projects the unity of each work with carefully sculpted opening choruses, well-leavened recitatives and urgent, radiant orchestral playing… a recording series, reaching near its mid-point, of outstanding consistency.” Gramophone December 2004

"Tout en volutes vocales d'une fluidité soyeuse, l'allègre cantate Jesu, der du meine Seele (BVW 78) s'envole en guirlandes de doubles-croches, en rondes de pur bonheur... Masaaki Suzuki concilie héritage baroque et rituel oriental, métamorphosant chaque aria en cérémonie calligraphiée et chorégraphique."Télérama 15/10 2004

"La splendeur instrumentale, la ductilité du choeur et l'équilibre du quatuor vocal inscrivent ce vingt-cinquième enregistrement dans la lignée des précédents, c'est-à-dire au sommet." Le Monde de la musique November 2004
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  Johann Sebastian Bach
  Jesu, der du meine Seele, BWV 78 21'36
01 I. Chorus - Jesu, der du meine Seele... 5'23
02 II. Aria Duetto (soprano, alto) - Wir eilen mit schwachen... 4'50
03 III. Recitativo (Tenore) - Ach! ich bin ein Kind der Sünden... 2'09
04 IV. Aria (Tenore) - Das Blut, so meine Schuld durchstreicht... 3'07
05 V. Recitativo (Basso) - Die Wunden, Nägel, Kron und Grab... 2'15
06 VI. Aria (Basso) - Nun du wirst mein Gewissen stillen... 2'52
07 VII. Choral - Herr, ich glaube, hilf mir Schwachen... 1'00
  Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan, BWV 99 17'17
08 I. Chorus - Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan... 4'43
09 II. Recitativo (Basso) - Sein Wort der Wahrheit stehet fest... 1'12
10 III. Aria (Tenore) - Erschüttre dich nur nicht, verzagte Seele... 5'28
11 IV. Recitativo (Alto) - Nun, der von Ewigkeit geschloss´ne Bund... 1'15
12 V. Aria Duetto (Soprano, Alto) - Wenn des Kreuzes Bitterkeiten... 3'45
13 VI. Choral - Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan... 0'54
  Ach, lieben Christen, seid getrost, BWV 114 22'53
14 I. Chorus - Ach, lieben Christen, seid getrost... 3'59
15 II. Aria (Tenore) - Wo wird in diesem Jammertale... 9'37
16 III. Recitativo (Basso) - O Sünder, trage mit Geduld... 1'44
17 IV. Choral (Soprano) - Kein Frucht das Weizenkörnlein bringt... 1'38
18 V. Aria (Alto) - Du machst, o Tod... 4'17
19 VI. Recitativo (Tenore) - Indes bedenke deine Seele... 0'46
20 VII. Choral - Wir wachen oder schlafen ein... 0'52
  Album total 62'57
EnsembleBach Collegium Japan
ComposerBach, Johann Sebastian
ConductorSuzuki, Masaaki
Counter-tenorTaylor, Daniel
SopranoNonoshita, Yukari
TenorSakurada, Makoto
BassKooij, Peter

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