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J.S. Bach - Cantatas, Vol.35 (BWV 74, 87, 128, 176)

Composer Johann Sebastian Bach
Performer Robin Blaze
Peter Kooij
Yukari Nonoshita
Makoto Sakurada
Bach Collegium Japan
Masaaki Suzuki, conductor
Period Baroque
Catalogue Number BIS-1571 SACD
EAN 7318599915715
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Apr 2007
Total time 70'47

The four cantatas on this disc were all first performed in Leipzig in 1725, during the month of May. Just a few weeks earlier, for reasons unknown, Bach had been forced to abandon his projected chorale cantata cycle, in which each cantata for an entire church year was to focus on the text of a well-known hymn, rather than the gospel reading for the relevant day. He now had recourse to the help of the Leipzig poetess Mariane von Ziegler (1695-1760), who apparently wrote the texts of these cantatas especially for the occasion. They – and the music itself – are meditations on biblical events such as the ascension of Christ and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Whit Sunday.

Recent instalments in the Bach Collegium Japan cantata cycle have received the same high praise as the entire series. The German web site Klassik Heute summed it up in its review of Volume 32 (BIS-SACD-1501): ‘Once more there is cause to extol the by now well-accustomed merits of Masaaki Suzuki’s complete cycle of Bach cantatas: a profound knowledge of style, a multifaceted art of phrasing, and perfectly-judged choices of tempo and musical character have been the distinguishing features of this series since its inception.’ The same disc caused, another German web site, to exclaim: ‘You don’t need to have volumes 1-31 – this disc can stand on its own as yet another completely successful Bach interpretation.’ The following volume (Volume 33, BIS-CD-1541) was made Disc of the Month in BBC Music Magazine, whose reviewer wrote: ‘Suzuki responds magnificently to the musical challenges, and his Bach Collegium to the staggering technical demands… The Bach Collegium chorus, just eight voices in addition to the soloists, contributes to the clarity of texture. Every contrapuntal line is distinctive – a tribute, too, to the sound engineering.’
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  Johann Sebastian Bach
  Auf Christi Himmelfahrt allein, BWV128 16'40
01 1. [Chorus]. Auf Christi Himmelfahrt allein… 4'40
02 2. Recitativo (Tenore). Ich bin bereit, komm, hole mich!… 0'40
03 3. Aria [& Recitativo] (Basso). Auf, auf, mit hellem Schall… 3'23
04 4. Aria (Alto, Tenore). Sein Allmacht zu ergründen… 6'57
05 5. Choral. Alsdenn so wirst du mich… 1'00
  Es ist ein trotsig und verzagt Ding, BWV 176 11'06
06 1. [Chorus]. Es ist ein trotzig und verzagt Ding… 2'26
07 2. Recitativo (Alto). Ich meine, recht verzagt… 0'47
08 3. Aria (Soprano). Dein sonst hell beliebter Schein… 2'55
09 4. Recitativo (Basso). So wundre dich, o Meister, nicht… 1'43
10 5. Aria (Alto). Ermuntert euch, furchtsam und schüchterne Sinne… 2'09
11 6. Choral. Auf dass wir also allzugleich… 1'06
  Bisher habt ihr nichts gebeten in meinem Namen, BWV87 20'02
12 1. [Aria] (Basso). Bisher habt ihr nichts gebeten in meinem Namen. 1'50
13 2. Recitativo (Alto). O Wort, das Geist und Seel erschreckt!… 0'36
14 3. Aria (Alto). Vergib, o Vater, unsre Schuld… 9'21
15 4. Recitativo (Tenore). Wenn unsre Schuld bis an den Himmel steigt… 0'52
16 5. [Aria] (Basso). In der Welt habt ihr Angst… 1'51
17 6. Aria (Tenore). Ich will leiden, ich will schweigen… 4'22
18 7. Choral. Muss ich sein betrübet?… 1'10
  Wer mich liebet, der wird mein Wort halten, BWV74 20'54
19 1. [Chorus]. Wer mich liebet… 3'10
20 2. Aria (Soprano). Komm, komm, mein Herze steht dir offen… 3'22
21 3. Recitativo (Alto). Die Wohnung ist bereit… 0'34
22 4.Aria (Basso). Ich gehe hin und komme wieder zu euch… 2'44
23 5. Aria (Tenore). Kommt, eilet, stimmet Sait und Lieder… 4'24
24 6. Recitativo (Basso). Es ist nichts Verdammliches an denen… 0'28
25 7. Aria (Alto). Nichts kann mich erretten… 5'23
26 8. Choral. Kein Menschenkind hier auf der Erd… 0'49
  Album total 70'47
Choir & orchestraBach Collegium Japan
ComposerBach, Johann Sebastian
ConductorSuzuki, Masaaki
TenorSakurada, Makoto
BassKooij, Peter
Counter-tenorBlaze, Robin
SopranoNonoshita, Yukari

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