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Aho - Music with Organ

Composer Kalevi Aho
Performer Jan Lehtola
Period Contemporary
Catalogue Number BIS-1966 SACD
EAN 7318599919669
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
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Release date Apr 2014
Total time 62'08

A companion to Jan Lehtola’s previous recording of Kalevi Aho’s monumental organ symphony ‘Alles Vergängliche’, the present disc includes five smaller pieces by Aho for organ solo, as well as three compositions for organ and one or two other instruments. First performed at the wedding of his sister, the two brief wedding marches were the first pieces that Aho wrote for the organ, and like the later Wedding Music they are kept in a tonal idiom – as the composer writes in his own liner notes: ’I did not want to distract attention from the bride and groom, but rather to create a suitable atmosphere.’ Ludus solemnis (‘the solemn game’) was composed for the inauguration of a new organ, which meant that Aho was writing for an instrument he had not yet heard – a challenge when it came to imagining the ‘orchestral’ sounds that he wanted to draw from it: ‘the string-like, wood wind-like and brass-like nuances of the new organ’. Another challenge arose during the composition of In memoriam, as this was to be played on a smallish-sized organ of the chapel where the funeral of the author Juha Mannerkorpi took place. (Mannerkorpi wrote the libretto to Aho’s opera The Key.) Also for a funeral, this time that of his own father, Kalevi Aho in 2002 composed Song of the Earth for organ, violin and oboe. Whereas this and the earlier Epilogue for organ and trombone are quite short works, Kalevi Aho’s latest chamber composition involving the organ is a substantial work with a playing time of 17 minutes. Written in 2011 for the same players who perform it here, Quasi una fantasia is highly virtuosic and almost concerto-like in nature. The same year, and also for Jan Lehtola, Kalevi Aho made his own completion of Bach’s quadruple fugue in Contrapunctus XIV from Die Kunst der Fuge.
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01 Quasi una fantasia for horn and organ (2011) 17'15
02 Epilogue for trombone and organ (1998) 4'26
03 Contrapunctus XIV from ‘Die Kunst der Fuge' by J.S. Bach, completion by Kalevi Aho (2011) 15'41
04 Häämarssi I (Wedding March I) (1973) 1'49
05 Häämarssi II (Wedding March II) (1976) 1'49
06 Hääsoitto (Wedding Music) (1999) 3'30
07 Ludus solemnis (1978) 6'04
08 In memoriam (1980) 5'13
09 Laulu maasta (Song of the Earth) for violin, oboe and organ (2002) 4'41
  Album total 62'08
ComposerAho, Kalevi
OrganLehtola, Jan
HornKomulainen, Petri
TromboneVuorinen, Jussi
ViolinSaarikettu, Kaija
OboePippuri, Anna-Kaisa

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