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Beethoven - Works for Guitar and Piano

Composer Ludwig van Beethoven
Performer Débora Halász
Franz Halász
Period Romantic
Catalogue Number BIS-2505 SACD
EAN 7318599925059
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
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Release date Jul 2020
Total time 74'40

Around 1800 Vienna was, alongside Paris, one of the European centres for guitar performance. The instrument was well suited for the idiom of Viennese classicism and ideal for domestic music-making and it was promoted by figures such as the virtuoso Mauro Giuliani and the composer/publisher Anton Diabelli. But Beethoven, the towering giant of musical Vienna, seems to have been unmoved by the charms of&&& the guitar – while instead composing for its sibling, the mandolin.

Duo Halász, the husband and wife team of Franz and Débora Halász, has now rectified this, by appropriating Beethoven’s four extant pieces for mandolin and piano (WoO 43 and 44) as well as adapting some other early compositions, including the Serenade in D major for flute and piano and the Variations on Mozart’s ‘Se vuol ballare’ for violin and piano. In doing so they follow the example of an eminent guitarist and contemporary of Beethoven, namely Ferdinando Carulli, whose 1825 arrangement of the Variations on Mozart’s ‘Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen’ closes the programme. Franz and Débora Halász have made a number of recordings for BIS, together and separately, to critical acclaim, including a Latin Grammy Award for their disc Alma Brasileira with chamber works by Radamés Gnattali.
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  Ludwig van Beethoven
  Serenade in D major, Op. 41 (orig. for flute and piano) 21'01
01 I. Entrata. Allegro 3'11
02 II. Tempo ordinario d’un Menuetto 4'46
03 III. Allegro molto 1'58
04 IV. Andante con Variazioni 4'51
05 V. Allegro scherzando e vivace 1'50
06 VI. Adagio 0'52
07 VII. Allegro vivace e disinvolto 3'33
08 Sonatina in C minor, WoO 43a (orig. for mandolin & piano) 3'45
09 12 Variations in F major on ‘Se vuol ballare’, WoO 40 (orig. for violin & piano) 10'12
10 Sonatina in C major, WoO 44a (orig. for mandolin & piano) 2'11
11 Adagio ma non troppo in E flat major, WoO 43b (orig. for mandolin & piano) 3'39
12 Andante con Variazioni in D major, WoO 44b (orig. for mandolin & piano) 7'28
  Pieces originally for mechanical clock 17'12
13 Adagio in F major, WoO 33a 4'12
14 Allegro non più molto in C major, WoO 33b 4'40
15 Scherzo. Allegro in G major, WoO 33a 1'35
16 Allegretto in C major, WoO 33b 4'58
17 Allegro in G major, WoO 33a 1'47
18 12 Variations in F major on ‘Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen’ Op.66 (arr. Carulli 1825) 7'27
  Album total 74'40
ComposerBeethoven, Ludwig van
GuitarHalász, Franz
PianoHalász, Débora

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