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Brahms - Piano Works Vol. 3

Composer Johannes Brahms
Performer Jonathan Plowright
Period Romantic
Catalogue Number BIS-2127 SACD
EAN 7318599921273
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
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Release date Jan 2016
Total time 81'19

Editor’s Choice, Gramophone

Critical acclaim for Jonathan Plowright's two previous discs in his series of Brahms’s works for solo piano includes distinctions such as ‘10/10’ on the website Classics Today and top marks in Diapason as well as ‘Instrumental Choice of the Month’ in BBC Music Magazine. On his third disc Plowright presents the listener with two seemingly contradictory aspects of Johannes Brahms: the deeply serious, emotionally charged, but also meticulously constructed late Piano Pieces of Op. 118 and their precursor Op. 76 appear side by side with the unapologetic extroversion and scintillating verve of most (if not all) of the 16 Waltzes Op. 39, and the flamboyant Variations on a Hungarian Melody. Brahms’s fascination with Hungarian gypsy music stemmed from his friendship with the violinist Eduard Reményi, and found an outlet in several works, among which the Hungarian Dances are probably the most famous. The composer was also a friend and admirer of Johann Strauss II, and in his Op. 39 trespassed – with great success – into the domains of Vienna's 'Waltz King'. It is tempting to think that Brahms early experience as a pianist in taverns and restaurants induced him to compose this sophisticated light music, but there were also commercial reasons: he composed the waltzes for piano four hands and subsequently made no less than two arrangements for solo piano of the entire set.
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  Johannes Brahms
  Variations on a Hungarian Melody, Op.21, No.2 7'34
01 Thema. Allegro 0'15
02 Variation I 0'17
03 Variation II 0'16
04 Variation III 0'14
05 Variation IV 0'17
06 Variation V. Con espressione 0'22
07 Variation VI 0'20
08 Variation VII. Poco più lento, dolce espressivo. Quasi pizzicato 0'31
09 Variation VIII. Ancora un poco più lento. Espressivo, dolce 0'41
10 Variation IX. Dolce 0'29
11 Variation X. Legato, dolce 0'18
12 Variation XI. Dolce 0'18
13 Variation XII. Espressivo 0'17
14 Variation XIII. Con forza 0'22
15 Allegro (il doppio movimento)—Tempo I più animato 2'37
  Eight Pieces, Op.76 26'59
16 1. Capriccio in F sharp minor. Un poco agitato 3'43
17 2. Capriccio in B minor. Allegretto non troppo 3'47
18 3. Intermezzo in A flat major. Grazioso 2'43
19 4. Intermezzo in B flat major. Allegretto grazioso 1'50
20 5. Capriccio in C sharp minor. Agitato, ma non troppo presto 2'55
21 6. Intermezzo in A major. Andante con moto 4'05
22 7. Intermezzo in A minor. Moderato semplice 4'09
23 8. Capriccio in C major. Grazioso ed un poco vivace 3'47
  Waltzes, Op.39 20'03
24 No.1 in B major. Tempo giusto 0'45
25 No.2 in E major. Dolce 1'15
26 No.3 in G sharp minor. Dolce 0'46
27 No.4 in E minor. Poco sostenuto 1'14
28 No.5 in E major. Grazioso 1'37
29 No.6 in C sharp major. Vivace 0'56
30 No.7 in C sharp minor. Poco più andante 2'26
31 No.8 in B flat major. Dolce, sotto voce 1'24
32 No.9 in D minor. Espressivo 1'15
33 No.10 in G major. Poco scherzando 0'32
34 No.11 in B minor 1'17
35 No.12 in E major 2'30
36 No.13 in B major 0'37
37 No.14 in G sharp minor 1'20
38 No.15 in A flat major 1'15
39 No.16 in C sharp minor 0'54
  Piano Pieces, Op.118 24'17
40 1. Intermezzo in A minor. Allegro non assai, ma molto appassionato 1'46
41 2. Intermezzo in A major. Andante teneramente 6'35
42 3. Ballade in G minor. Allegro energico 3'27
43 4. Intermezzo in F minor. Allegretto un poco agitato 2'25
44 5. Romance in F major. Andante - Allegretto grazioso - Tempo I 4'26
45 6. Intermezzo in E flat minor. Andante, largo e mesto 5'38
  Album total 81'19
ComposerBrahms, Johannes
PianoPlowright, Jonathan

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