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Cataldo Amodei - solo cantatas

Composer Cataldo Amodei
Bernardo Storace
Giovanni Zamboni
Performer Emma Kirkby
Jakob Lindberg
Lars Ulrik Mortensen
Catalogue Number BIS-1415 CD
EAN 7318590014158
Format CD
Release date Feb 2004
Total time 78'37

Recomendado, CD Compact; "The Want List", Fanfare
"Emma Kirkby sounds as lithe and radiant as ever, superbly able to negotiate Amodei's melismatic writing and imbue it with subtle but effective rhetoric." BBC Music Magazine; "Marvellous singing, brilliant accompaniment and an amazing 'new' composer." Early Music Review; "A treasure of a disc that will only be ignored by collectors to their substantial loss." Fanfare
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  Cataldo Amodei
01 Su l´ore che l´aurora for voice, harpsichord and theorbo 11'51
  Cataldo Amodei
02 Tra l´erbette il piè sciogliea for voice and harpsichord 8'54
  Giovanni Zamboni
  Sonata in C minor for archlute 8'56
03 Preludio 1'14
04 Alemanda 2'49
05 Giga 2'39
06 Sarabanda 1'32
07 Gavotta 0'42
  Cataldo Amodei
08 Va´, ché l´hai fatto a me for voice and archlute 8'39
  Cataldo Amodei
09 Già col manto dell´ombre for voice and harpsichord 13'12
  Bernardo Storace
10 Passagagli sopra Alamire for harpsichord solo 8'38
  Cataldo Amodei
11 Colà dove il Sebeto for voice and archlute 7'22
  Cataldo Amodei
12 Lieve al piè, grave al passo (Cantata sacra per la Beatissima Vergine) for voice, harpsichord and theorbo 9'32
  Album total 78'37
ComposerAmodei, Cataldo
Storace, Bernardo
Zamboni, Giovanni
HarpsichordMortensen, Lars Ulrik
Theorbo/archluteLindberg, Jakob
SopranoKirkby, Emma

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