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Kalevi Aho - Chamber Symphonies Nos 1-3

Composer Kalevi Aho
Performer John-Edward Kelly
Tapiola Sinfonietta
Stefan Asbury, conductor
Jean-Jacques Kantorow, conductor
Period Modern
Catalogue Number BIS-1126 SACD
EAN 7318599911267
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Feb 2012
Total time 56'40

IRR "Outstanding", 6/2012; Music Web International: "This is yet another splendid addition to Aho's already imposing discography". (May 2012).

The focus of Kalevi Aho’s output lies on large-scale orchestral works, and his work-list includes fifteen symphonies to date, composed between 1969 and 2010. Although the Finnish composer is famously lavish as an orchestrator, and often invites rare guests such as the heckelphone into his orchestra, the scores of Aho’s three chamber symphonies are much more economic in scale. But although composed for some twenty strings in all, and of more modest durations than for instance the 50-minute Eighth Symphony for organ and orchestra, they bear eloquent proof of the composer’s aim of exploiting to the full the expressive capabilities of a string orchestra. Consequently these works are highly demanding for the players; not because virtuosity has been an end in itself, but for reasons of maximum expressivity. For Chamber Symphony No.3, the composer decided to include a solo part for alto saxophone, written for John-Edward Kelly who also performs it here. In his liner notes, Aho describes the piece as ‘a hybrid of chamber symphony and saxophone concerto’ and relates how he was inspired by Arabic music, and more particularly by a certain ‘unique melodic heterophony’ resulting from different musicians playing the same melodic pattern, but each of them with slight differences. Performing these scores are the eminent strings of the Tapiola Sinfonietta, an ensemble which has earned high praise from reviewers around the world for its recordings, ranging from Arvo Pärt to Saint-Saëns and C.M. von Weber. The conductors Jean-Jacques Kantorow and Stefan Asbury are both close collaborators of the orchestra, and the presence of the composer during the recordings vouches for the authenticity of these performances.
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  Kalevi Aho
  Chamber Symphony No.1 (1976)
01 Andante – Prestissimo – Poco meno mosso – Presto – Tempo I – Presto – Andante – Tempo di Valse – Tempo I – Allegro –Tempo I – Poco meno mosso 13'13
  Kalevi Aho
  Chamber Symphony No.2 (1991–92) 16'05
02 [no tempo marking] 7'41
03 [Letter F] 3'29
04 Furioso 4'55
  Kalevi Aho
  Chamber Symphony No.3 (1995–96) 26'16
05 I. …jäätyivät umpeen levottomat vedet (…frozen are the restless waters) 7'13
06 II. …ah, olen kuullut villihanhien huudot (…oh, I have heard the wild geese calling) 5'52
07 III. …pitkät yöt sulavat (…the long nights are melting) 7'25
08 IV. …soutaa avomerta päin tulipunainen laiva (…towards the open sea rows a fire-red boat) 5'46
  Album total 56'40
ComposerAho, Kalevi
ConductorAsbury, Stefan
Kantorow, Jean-Jacques
OrchestraTapiola Sinfonietta
Alto saxophoneKelly, John-Edward

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