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Max Reger - Orchestral Works

Composer Max Reger
Performer Love Derwinger
Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
Leif Segerstam, conductor
Catalogue Number BIS-9047 CD
EAN 7318590090473
Format CD  –  3 discs
Release date Jan 2014
Total time 203'54

3 CDs for the price of 2

Today, almost a century after the untimely death of Max Reger (in 1916, aged 43), it is hard to imagine the position he once occupied on the musical scene. Paul Hindemith called him ‘the last great musical giant’, and Schoenberg described his music as ‘rich and new’ and counted him as one of the modern composers from whom he had learned the most. In Russia Reger was valued so highly that a memorial concert was held in St Petersburg a week after he died – even though Russia and Germany were then at war. Extremely productive, he wrote a large number of works in most musical genres, but today he is mainly remembered for his organ music and certain chamber works. Reger’s output for orchestra includes some twenty compositions, but very few of these appear with any regularity in the concert programmes of orchestras around the world. The exception is the Mozart Variations, Op.132, partly due to the perennial popularity of Mozart’s theme itself, from the Piano Sonata in A major, K 331. This box set, with three discs originally released separately to critical acclaim, includes the Op.132 variations, but also the less well-known Beethoven Variations, on a theme from the last of the Op.119 Bagatelles. All of the works in the set demonstrate in various ways Reger's great skills as an orchestrator, from the light and affectionate Suite im alten Stil to the grandiose sonorities of the half-hour long Symphonic Prologue to a Tragedy. Conducting the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra in these taxing scores, Leif Segerstam impressed reviewers with his ‘visionary advocacy’ of the Four Böcklin Tone Poems and the ‘alluring transparency’ of his Mozart Variations (BBC Music Magazine), while the orchestra was commended for its ‘fullblooded playing' (Classic CD).
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Disc 1
  Max Reger
  Variations and Fugue for Orchestra on a Theme by Mozart, Op.132 31'38
01 Andante grazioso 2'29
02 Variation I 2'35
03 Variation II 1'52
04 Variation III 1'21
05 Variation IV 0'48
06 Variation V 1'35
07 Variation VI 2'20
08 Variation VII 2'20
09 Variation VIII 7'13
10 Fugue (Allegretto grazioso) 9'05
11 Symphonischer Prolog zu einer Tragödie, Op.108 32'12
Disc 2
  Max Reger
  Piano Concerto in F minor, Op. 114 (1910) 43'27
01 I. Allegro moderato 20'34
02 II. Largo con gran espressione 12'21
03 III. Allegretto con spirito 10'32
  Suite im alten Stil, Op. 93 (1906, orch. 1916) 22'11
04 I. Präludium 6'08
05 II. Largo 8'38
06 III. Fuge 7'25
Disc 3
  Max Reger
  Variationen und Fuge über ein Thema von Ludwig van Beethoven, Op.86 21'07
01 Theme. Andante 1'38
02 Variation I. Un poco più lento 1'52
03 Variation II. Appassionato 1'19
04 Variation III. Andantino grazioso 2'11
05 Variation IV. Vivace 0'50
06 Variation V. Andante sostenuto 2'41
07 Variation VI. Allegretto con grazia 1'28
08 Variation VII. Poco vivace 1'26
09 Variation VIII. Allegro pomposo 2'06
10 Fugue. Con spirito 5'36
  Eine Ballettsuite, Op.130 18'38
11 I. Entrée 3'25
12 II. Colombine 3'29
13 III. Harlequin 2'32
14 IV. Pierrot und Pierette 3'30
15 V. Valse d´amour 2'52
16 VI. Finale 2'50
  Vier Tondichtungen für grosses Orchester nach Arnold Böcklin, Op.128 30'01
17 I. Der geigende Eremit. Molto sostenuto 11'07
18 II. Im Spiel der Wellen. Vivace 4'21
19 III. Die Toteninsel. Molto sostenuto – Più andante 10'05
20 IV. Bacchanal. Vivace 4'28
  Album total 203'54
ComposerReger, Max
OrchestraNorrköping Symphony Orchestra
ConductorSegerstam, Leif
PianoDerwinger, Love

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