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Mendelssohn - The Complete Solo Concertos

Composer Felix Mendelssohn (-Bartholdy)
Performer Ronald Brautigam
Love Derwinger
Isabelle van Keulen
Amsterdam Sinfonietta
Lev Markiz, conductor
Period Romantic
Catalogue Number BIS-1766 SACD
EAN 7318599917665
Format SACD Single layer
Release date Jan 2008
Total time 255'55

More than 4 hours of music on 1 SACD!
(Please note: This single layer stereo SACD can only be played back on an SACD player)

By using the superior storage capacity of the Super Audio CD for stereo content only, and not including a surround mix, it is possible to produce discs with a playing time much in excess of the common CD. BIS has made use of this option before, releasing the complete organ music by Bach – with a duration of more than 20 hours – as a five-disc set (BIS-SACD-1527/28). Now the turn has come to the Complete Concertos by Mendelssohn, originally released between 1995 and 1998 on four CDs, but here collected on a single SACD.

If the String Symphonies, collected on the accompanying release BIS-SACD-1738, are the works by the young Mendelssohn on the way to becoming a fully-fledged composer, the concertos give a more all-round picture of the composer. Beginning in 1822, when he composed the Concerto in D minor for Violin and the Concerto in A minor for Piano, Mendelssohn kept returning to the concertante format throughout his life, until the great E minor Violin Concerto, written three years before his death, in 1844. Between these works can be found the two rarely heard Concertos for Two Pianos – youthful, but surprisingly mature works – as well as his two piano concertos Opp 25 and 40, and three concert pieces for piano and orchestra. Soloist in these is Ronald Brautigam, who will be well-known for his acclaimed surveys of the solo piano music of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. Isabelle van Keulen takes on the works involving solo violin, and was at the time of the original release described as ‘a winning soloist with a soft tone like the finest-spun silk – plus strength to match, when required’ (Gramophone). Swedish pianists Roland Pöntinen and Love Derwinger partner each other in the concertos for two pianos, virtuosic works first performed by Felix and his sister Fanny. The accompaniments throughout are provided by Amsterdam Sinfonietta, under Lev Markiz, and were characterized as ‘both polished and warmly supportive’ (Gramophone).
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  Felix Mendelssohn (-Bartholdy)
  Concerto in E minor for Violin and Orchestra, Op.64 (original 1844 version) 25'41
01 I. Allegro con fuoco 11'50
02 II. Andante 7'09
03 III. Allegretto non troppo - Allegro molto vivace 6'42
  Concerto in D minor for violin and strings (1822-23) (second version) 20'20
04 I. Allegro molto 8'40
05 II. Andante 7'47
06 III. Allegro 3'53
  Concerto in D minor for Violin, Piano and String Orchestra (1823) 33'32
07 I. Allegro 17'05
08 II. Adagio 8'00
09 III. Allegro molto 8'27
10 Capriccio brillant, Op.22, for piano and orchestra (1825-26/1832) 10'26
11 Rondo brillant, Op.29, for piano and orchestra (1834) 9'55
12 Serenade and Allegro giocoso, Op.43, for piano and orchestra (1838) 11'49
  Concerto in A minor for Piano and String Orchestra (1822) 31'30
13 I. Allegro 13'42
14 II. Adagio 8'30
15 III. Finale 9'18
  Concerto No.1 in G minor for Piano and Orchestra, Op.25 (1831) 18'41
16 I. Molto allegro con fuoco 6'58
17 II. Andante 5'54
18 III. Presto 5'49
  Concerto No.2 in D minor for Piano and Orchestra, Op.40 (1837) 20'30
19 I. Allegro appassionato 8'53
20 II. Adagio - Molto sostenuto 5'39
21 III. Finale 5'58
  Concerto in E major for Two Pianos and Orchestra (1823) 30'34
22 I. Allegro vivace 12'25
23 II. Adagio non troppo 10'21
24 III. Allegro 7'48
  Concerto in A flat major for Two Pianos and Orchestra (1824) 41'03
25 I. Allegro vivace 17'05
26 II. Andante 10'31
27 III. Allegro vivace 13'27
  Album total 255'55
ComposerMendelssohn (-Bartholdy), Felix
OrchestraAmsterdam Sinfonietta
ConductorMarkiz, Lev
ViolinKeulen, Isabelle van
PianoBrautigam, Ronald
Derwinger, Love
Pontinen (Pöntinen), Roland

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