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Mozart - The Quintets

Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Performer Stephen Hough
Nobuko Imai
Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet
Ensemble Villa Musica
Orlando Quartet
Vertavo String Quartet
Period Classical
Catalogue Number BIS-9046 CD
EAN 7318590090466
Format CD  –  4 discs
Release date Jul 2014
Total time 288'00

4 CDs for the price of 2

Mozart's string quintets, and particularly the last four (K 515, K 516, K 593 and K 614) are often cited as being among the finest examples of his chamber music. The musicologist Charles Rosen has drawn attention to the fact that the quintets always appeared shortly after the completion of a series of quartets, as if the medium represented a more ideal and final realisation of the composer’s musical thoughts. It is not, however, a question of quartets with a fifth, ‘extra’ part. Even the early K174 possesses a striking complexity, and as a group the quintets employ a great variety of textures: dialogues between two instruments with three-part accompaniment from the others, the alternation of two string trios (two violins and viola or two violas and cello), or violin duets, alongside viola duets, accompanied by the cello. The performances of these intricate masterworks by the Orlando Quartet and Nobuko Imai, have been highly regarded ever since their original releases and were for instance described as 'magisterial and gripping' on They now appear in this box set, accompanied by a fourth disc which brings together three further Mozart quintets for varying constellations: the charming Horn Quintet from 1782, the extraordinary Clarinet Quintet from seven years later and the Quintet for piano and winds which Mozart in a letter to his father in 1784 described as 'the best thing I have written so far'. Performing these works here are eminent musicians including Radovan Vlatković, Martin Fröst and Stephen Hough.
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Disc 1
  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  String Quintet in B flat major, KV174 38'03
01 I. Allegro moderato 12'28
02 II. Adagio 12'00
03 III. Menuetto ma allegretto 4'58
04 IV. Allegro 8'37
  String Quintet in C minor, KV406 27'54
05 I. Allegro 12'08
06 II. Andante 4'17
07 III. Minuetto in canone - Trio al rovescio 4'42
08 IV. Allegro 6'47
Disc 2
  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  String Quintet in C, KV515 36'10
01 I. Allegro 13'50
02 II. Andante 9'30
03 III. Menuetto. Allegretto 5'48
04 IV. (Allegro) 7'02
  String Quintet in D, KV593 33'18
05 I. Larghetto - Allegro - Larghetto - Tempo I (Allegro) 12'12
06 II. Adagio 7'29
07 III. Menuetto. Allegretto 5'43
08 IV. Finale. Allegro 7'54
Disc 3
  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  String Quintet in G minor, KV516 40'42
01 I. Allegro 15'42
02 II. Menuetto. Allegretto 5'29
03 III. Adagio ma non troppo 8'56
04 IV. Adagio 2'50
05 V. Allegro 7'45
  String Quintet in E flat, KV614 28'20
06 I. Allegro di molto 11'15
07 II. Andante 7'33
08 III. Menuetto. Allegretto 4'22
09 IV. Allegro 5'10
Disc 4
  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  Quintet in E flat major, KV 452 24'27
01 I. Largo - Allegro moderato 10'08
02 II. Larghetto 8'44
03 III. Allegretto 5'35
  Clarinet Quintet in A major, KV 581 35'55
04 I. Allegro 13'09
05 II. Larghetto 6'26
06 III. Menuetto - Trio I - Trio II 6'58
07 IV. Allegretto con Variazioni 9'22
  Quintet in E flat major, KV 407 17'47
08 I. Allegro 8'42
09 II. Andante 5'09
10 III. Rondo. Allegro 3'56
  Album total 288'00
ComposerMozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
EnsembleBerlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet
Ensemble Villa Musica
Orlando Quartet
Vertavo String Quartet
ViolaImai, Nobuko
PianoHough, Stephen
ClarinetFröst, Martin

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