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Müthel - The Five Keyboard Concertos

Composer Johann Gottfried Müthel
Performer Marcin Swiatkiewicz
Arte dei Suonatori
Period Classical
Catalogue Number BIS-2179 CD
EAN 7318590021798
Format CD  –  2 discs
Release date Mar 2015
Total time 127'06

Set of 2 CDs
“Marcin Swiatkiewicz ist ein brillanter Solist, und das ebenfalls polnische Ensemble ‘Arte dei Suonatori’ präsentiert sich in einem attraktiven, lebendigen und schillernden Klanggewand.” Pizzicato; “Ces pages sont remarquablement interpretés par Marcin Swiatkiewicz et l'ensemble Arte dei Suonatori.” Classica

Johann Forkel, the biographer of J.S. Bach, numbered Müthel among the most remarkable of Bach’s pupils. Another of the great chroniclers of 18th century music, Charles Burney, described Müthel's works as 'so full of novelty, taste, grace, and contrivance, that I should not hesitate to rank them among the greatest productions of the present age.’ Nevertheless, today Johann Gottfried Müthel (1728-88) is very far from being a household name – or indeed known at all. One reason for this may be that shortly after his encounter with Bach and an ensuing study tour during which he met other greats of German music – Hasse, C.P.E. Bach and Telemann – Müthel disappeared from the musical centre stage. In 1753 he moved to Riga, the capital of what was then the Province of Livonia, a part of the Russian Empire. There he worked as Kapellmeister at one of the aristocratic households of the city, before becoming organist of St Peter’s Church, a position he probably held until his death. In Müthel's five concertos for keyboard and strings we nevertheless meet a composer very much of his time: the ‘era between eras’ between the Baroque and Viennese Classicism. Although based on the pattern of J.S. Bach's keyboard concertos they are distinctly individual, displaying sophisticated rhythms and harmonic playfulness. Through the alternation of orchestral effects and chamber-music character Müthel achieves an unusual degree of variety, and also includes operatic ingredients, such as the recitativic episodes in the opening movement of Concerto No.5 or the dramatic Adagio middle movement of Concerto No.4. Presenting them on this set of two CDs, the young Polish harpsichordist Marcin Świątkiewicz is also making his début on BIS. He is supported by his compatriots in the acclaimed period band Arte dei Suonatori, who clearly relish the often intricate and always eventful orchestral parts.
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Disc 1
  Johann Gottfried Muthel
  Keyboard Concerto No.1 in C minor 31'31
01 I. Andante 11'28
02 II. Adagio 11'13
03 III. Allegro ma non troppo 8'50
  Keyboard Concerto No.2 in D minor 22'18
04 I. Moderato 9'04
05 II. Adagio 7'58
06 III. Allegro di molto 5'16
Disc 2
  Johann Gottfried Muthel
  Keyboard Concerto No.4 in D major 23'37
01 I. Moderato 7'03
02 II. Adagio 10'46
03 III. Allegro ma non troppo 5'48
  Keyboard Concerto No.3 in G major 22'42
04 I. Non troppo Allegro 8'52
05 II. Un poco Adagio 9'17
06 III. Vivace 4'33
  Keyboard Concerto No.5 in B flat major 24'17
07 I. Allegro – Adagio (Recitativo) – Poco Adagio – Allegro… – 7'49
08 II. Poco Adagio 10'09
09 III. Allegro 6'19
  Album total 127'06
ComposerMuthel, Johann Gottfried
OrchestraArte dei Suonatori
HarpsichordSwiatkiewicz, Marcin

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