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Nordsending - Nordic String Trios

Composer Henrik Hellstenius
Per Nörgård (Nørgård)
Kaija Saariaho
Bent Sørensen
Performer Szymon Krzeszowiec
Jakob Kullberg
Alexander Øllgaard
Trio Aristos
Period Contemporary
Catalogue Number BIS-2269 CD
EAN 7318590022696
Format CD
Release date Feb 2017
Total time 78'49

Nordsending was the name given by southern Norwegian people of the late Medieval and Early Modern period to magical attacks from the sorcerous sub-Arctic and Arctic. It was the ‘broadcast from the north’. Other peoples had other names for it, but they all understood it similarly: the invisible medium through which splinters of iron, stone arrowheads and little mice were shot into the bodies of the healthy by Northern witches.&&& With this programme of string trios – and one duo – by four Nordic composers, Trio Aristos has devised a nordsending of their own: thoroughly contemporary, but equally magical. The members of Trio Aristos have in various constellations worked with each of the composers – most extensively with Per Nørgård, the grand old man of Danish music, who is represented here with three works composed in the years around 1990, including the duo Tjampuan for violin and cello. His younger colleagues all contribute one work each to the disc, all of them written between 2009 and 2014. Kaija Saariaho found inspiration for her four-movement trio in different cloud formations, while Bent Sørensen with Gondole added to a series of works inspired by Venice. Gondole was commissioned by Trio Aristos, and so was Rift, by the Norwegian composer Henrik Hellstenius, who recomposed the piece for these performers from his earlier series Imprints.
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  Bent Sørensen
  Gondole for violin, viola and cello (2010) 18'50
01 I. La Gondola che balla il valzer (The Waltzing Gondola) 0'58
02 II. Gondola dei sogni (Gondola in Dreams) 3'46
03 III. La Gondola con il vestito dei fiori (The Gondola with the Flowery Dress) 2'34
04 IV. Gondola dell’amore (Love’s Gondola) 3'33
05 V. Lugubre gondola (Sinister Gondola) 7'59
  Per Nørgård
  Strings for violin, viola and cello (1992) 14'59
06 I. Moderato 6'18
07 II. Allegro 1'36
08 III. Adagio 2'37
09 IV. Presto 4'28
  Kaija Saariaho
  Cloud Trio for violin, viola and cello (2009) 16'45
10 I. Calmo, meditato 2'52
11 II. Sempre dolce ma energico, sempre a tempo 3'46
12 III. Sempre energico 3'05
13 IV. Tranquillo ma sempre molto espressivo 7'02
  Per Nørgård
  Tjampuan ‘Where the Rivers meet’ for violin and cello (1992) 11'55
14 1. Sostenuto, molto affettuoso 2'07
15 2. Poco con moto affettuoso 0'37
16 3. Con moto sostenuto 1'15
17 4. Più mosso 3'15
18 5. Andantino leggiero, un poco rubato 2'47
19 6. Presto frenético 1'54
  Henrik Hellstenius
20 Rift for violin, viola and cello (2014) 9'23
  Per Nørgård
21 Pastorale from Babette’s Feast for violin, viola and cello (1988) 6'48
  Album total 78'49
ComposerHellstenius, Henrik
Nørgård, Per
Saariaho, Kaija
Sørensen, Bent
ViolaØllgaard, Alexander
ViolinKrzeszowiec, Szymon
CelloKullberg, Jakob

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