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Shostakovich - Symphonies Nos 1 & 15

Composer Dmitri Shostakovich
Performer Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
Mark Wigglesworth, conductor
Catalogue Number BIS-1643 SACD
EAN 7318599916439
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
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Release date Feb 2014
Total time 79'15

Mark Wigglesworth's cycle of the symphonies of Dmitri Shostakovich has been evolving gradually since its beginnings in 1997. First out was No. 7, the 'Leningrad Symphony', which Classic CD Magazine described as 'a magnificent release in all respects'. Since then, Wigglesworth has offered us a Ninth, Twelfth and Fourteenth all designated 'Benchmark Recordings' by BBC Music Magazine at the time of their respective releases, a ‘Babi Yar’ (No. 13) described as 'probably the most convincing Thirteenth to have appeared in the West’ in International Record Review, an account of the Fourth in which the conductor, according to the DSCH Journal, proved himself to be 'unquestionably outstanding'... The list could go on, with the general verdict being that the cycle has offered constantly interesting and often thought-provoking interpretations and striking performances. Wigglesworth started his traversal with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, recording Symphonies Nos 5, 6, 7, 10 and 14 with that orchestra, and in 2005 moved across the English Channel to continue the project with the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. It is the Dutch ensemble that on this last instalment of the series perform the First and the Fifteenth, the alpha and omega of a symphonic production that spans almost 50 years of the composer's life and more than perhaps any other body of musical works reflects world events – the Communist revolution, World War II, Stalinist oppression – and their creator's reactions to them.
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  Dmitri Shostakovich
  Symphony No.1 in F minor, Op.10 (1924–25) 31'50
01 I. Allegretto – Allegro non troppo 8'33
02 II. Allegro – Meno mosso – Allegro – Meno mosso 5'07
03 III. Lento – Largo – Lento – 8'28
04 IV. Allegro molto – Lento – Allegro molto – Meno mosso – Allegro molto – Adagio – Largo – Più mosso – Presto 9'42
  Symphony No.15 in A major, Op.141 (1971) 46'03
05 I. Allegretto 8'59
06 II. Adagio – Largo – Adagio – Allegretto – 15'43
07 III. Allegretto 4'32
08 IV. Adagio – Allegretto – Adagio – Allegretto 16'49
  Album total 79'15
ComposerShostakovich, Dmitri
ConductorWigglesworth, Mark
OrchestraNetherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra

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