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Solo Flute from A to Z, Vol.3

Composer Cécile Chaminade
Brett Dean
Claude Debussy
Francois Devienne
Caspar Diethelm
Ernö Dohnányi
Carl-Axel Dominique
Jean Donjon
Performer Sharon Bezaly
Catalogue Number BIS-1459 SACD
EAN 7318599914596
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Oct 2004
Total time 78'05

Supersonic Award Pizzicato December 2004
Choc du Mois Le Monde de la Musique
5 Stelle Musica Jan. 2005

Sharon Bezaly and her golden flute present the third instalment of this alphabetical anthology of the literature for solo flute. On the first volume Sharon Bezaly juxtaposed contemporary Finnish composer Kalevi Aho with the immortal J.S. Bach. The next instalment let the unlikely combination of Boismortier and Elliott Carter shed light on each other's music. This third volume combines several newly written pieces for solo flute with classics of the repertoire by François Devienne and Claude Debussy. (Debussy's Syrinx is simply the most haunting of all works for solo flute and has to be heard as performed by Miss Bezaly!)
The programme has been recorded in multi-channel and released as a hybrid Super Audio-CD offering the possibility of Surround Sound for those with the necessary equipment. Sharon Bezaly was recently described as 'the greatest flautist of her generation' by a reviewer in the Italian magazine Musica.

“Chaque fois que je mets un CD de Sharon Bezaly dans mon lecteur, je frémis:
je sais d'avance que l'écoute en sera excitante… Une aventure multi-sensorielle. Un jeu de séduction entre l'oreille et l'âme, entre le son et le profond ressenti.” Pizzicato December 2004
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  Brett Dean
01 Demons (2004) 9'01
  Ernst von Dohnányi
02 Passacaglia (1959) 9'07
  Carl-Axel Dominique
  Songlines (2004) 12'58
03 I. Dawn 3'14
04 II. Star Dance (The stars dancing in a blackbird´s mind) 4'16
05 III. Raga - Tango 5'28
  Cécile Chaminade
06 Pièce romantique 2'07
  Caspar Diethelm
  Zodiak, 12 Konstellationen mit Prolog und Epilog, Op.140 (1982) 24'49
07 Prologue 2'33
08 I. Aries 0'46
09 II. Taurus 2'12
10 III. Gemini 0'40
11 IV. Cancer 0'38
12 V. Leo 2'18
13 VI. Virgo 0'56
14 VII. Libra 1'01
15 VIII. Scorpio 2'57
16 IX. Sagittarius 1'22
17 X. Capricorn 1'18
18 XI. Aquarius 2'01
19 XII. Pisces 3'17
20 Epilogue 2'50
  Jean Donjon
21 Le chant du vent (from 8 Études de salon) 2'20
  François Devienne
  Sonata No.4 in G major 11'21
22 I. Allegro brillante 4'57
23 II. Adagio 2'34
24 III. Rondo 3'50
  Claude Debussy
25 Syrinx 3'15
  Album total 78'05
ComposerChaminade, Cécile
Dean, Brett
Debussy, Claude
Devienne, François
Diethelm, Caspar
Dominique, Carl-Axel
Donjon, Jean
von Dohnányi, Ernst
FluteBezaly, Sharon

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