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Composer Juan-Carlos Cobián
Lucio Demare
Carlos Gardel
Christian Lindberg
Astor Piazzolla
Anibal Troilo
Performer Christian Lindberg
Jens Lundberg
Roland Pöntinen
Catalogue Number BIS-2108 SACD
EAN 7318599921082
Format SACD Hybrid

This hybrid disc plays on both CD and SACD players
SACD Surround - SACD Stereo - CD Stereo

Release date Sep 2014
Total time 72'26

“Fine musicians and elegant arrangers ... excellent entertainment." BBC Radio 3 CD Review

Stravinsky composed them, and so did Albéniz, Satie and even John Cage – but the composer who really brought the tango to the concert hall was, as might be expected, an Argentinian. In Ástor Piazzolla’s tango nuevo are all the ingredients of his life – his love from adolescence for Classical music, his fascination with jazz and improvisation, and – naturally – the constantly present tango, instilled in him by his father, whom he would immortalize in one of his best-loved works, Adiós NoniNo.Piazzolla’s life-long quest to rejuvenate the tango for a long time caused animosity and even threats from traditionalists in Argentina, and even among his sympathizers there were those who sometimes wondered if what they heard really was a tango. Piazzolla himself never doubted, and musicians of all backgrounds and genres, from jazz (Gerry Mulligan, Gary Burton, Al Di Meola) and pop (Grace Jones) to classical (Gidon Kremer, Yo-Yo Ma) have agreed with him. On the present recording, the trombonist Christian Lindberg has joined up with his long-time chamber music partner Roland Pöntinen and the young bandoneon player Jens Lundberg in a programme that takes in their own arrangements of Piazzolla highlights, performed in various constellations. Trio Tangophoria has also selected some tango standards which featured in Piazzolla’s repertoire, as well as Christian Lindberg’s own homage to Piazzolla: Midvinter (‘Midwinter’), written for a concert project as a bridge between two of the master’s Four Seasons.
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  Astor Piazzolla
01 Otoño porteño (Buenos Aires Autumn) 5'32
  Astor Piazzolla
  Milonga del Angel
02 Milonga del ángel 6'20
  Juan-Carlos Cobián
  Mi Refugio
03 Mi refugio 3'20
  Anibal Troilo
04 La última curda 3'46
  Lucio Demare
05 Malena 3'00
  Astor Piazzolla
06 Invierno porteño (Buenos Aires Winter) 6'43
  Astor Piazzolla
07 Primavera porteña (Buenos Aires Spring) 5'44
  Anibal Troilo
08 Sur 4'43
  Carlos Gardel
09 Volver 3'50
  Astor Piazzolla
  Adios Nonino
10 Adiós Nonino 8'43
  Christian Lindberg
11 Midvinter 3'58
  Astor Piazzolla
12 Verano porteño (Buenos Aires Summer) 6'22
  Astor Piazzolla
13 Libertango 2'27
  Astor Piazzolla
14 Decarísimo 3'05
  Astor Piazzolla
15 Oblivión 3'59
  Album total 72'26
ComposerCobián, Juan-Carlos
Demare, Lucio
Gardel, Carlos
Lindberg, Christian
Piazzolla, Astor
Troilo, Anibal
PianoPontinen (Pöntinen), Roland
TromboneLindberg, Christian
BandoneónLundberg, Jens

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